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2017 | VOLUME 20 ISSUE 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Article  

E-commerce in agri-food sector: a systematic literature review
Yiwu Zeng, Fu Jia, Li Wan, Hongdong Guo   pp. 439–460

Keywords: agriculture, food, e-commerce, smallholder market access, China

A template for sustainable food value chains
Elena Monastyrnaya, Gwenola Yannou Le Bris, Bernard Yannou, Gaëlle Petit   pp. 461–476

Keywords: sustainability, food value chains, collaboration, business strategy, business model

How do pricing and the representation of price affect consumer evaluation of nursery products? A conjoint analysis
Zhiwen Zhu, Bridget Behe, Patricia Huddleston, Lynnell Sage   pp. 477–492

Keywords: nursery product, pricing, representation of price, perceived value, conjoint analysis

Governance structures and coordination mechanisms in the Brazilian pork chain – Diversity of arrangements to support the supply of piglets
Franco M. Martins, Jacques Trienekens, Onno Omta   pp. 511–532

Keywords: pork supply chain, coordination mechanisms, plural governance

Socioeconomic impacts of innovative dairy supply chain practices – The case of the Laiterie du Berger in the Senegalese Sahel
Abdrahmane Wane, Jean-Joseph Cadilhon, Mamadou Yauck  pp. 553–574
Keywords: innovation, dairying, food security, pastoralism, value chains

Comparative advantage and export potential of Thai vegetable products following the integration into the ASEAN Economic Community
Pheesphan Laosutsan, Ganesh P. Shivakoti, Peeyush Soni
  pp. 575–590

Keywords: ASEAN, RCA, RSCA, comparative advantage, BCG, exporting, integration

The impact of Mexican competition on the U.S. strawberry industry
Dong Hee Suh, Zhengfei Guan, and Hayk Khachatryan  pp. 591-604

Keywords: competitiveness, Mexican competition, NAFTA, strawberry market, sustainability, synthetic inverse demand system

Is dairy complex a solution to milk safety? A comparison of farmers’ perceived and realized food safety effects
H. Holly Wang, Hailong Yu, Binglong Li   pp.605-614
Keywords: dairy complex, food safety, perceived and actual effects, misperception

Case Studies

Management support for agricultural enterprises: a case study for a fruit-producing company
Leonardo Ensslin, Vinícius Dezem, Ademar Dutra, Sandra R. Ensslin, Karine Somensi   pp. 493–510

Keywords: performance evaluation, fruit production, MCDA-C, multi-criteria

Shaping food systems towards improved nutrition: a case study on Tuscan Bread Protected Designation of Origin
Francesca Galli, Francesca Venturi, Fabio Bartolini, Oriana Gava, Angela Zinnai, Sanmartin Chiara, Gianpaolo Andrich, Gianluca Brunori   pp. 533–552

Keywords: food system, wheat-to-bread chain, nutrition, territoriality, governance

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