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19th Annual World Forum and Symposium

Budapest, Hungary | June 20 - 23, 2009
Global Challenges Local Solutions


 Scientific Research Symposium Papers  
Forum Speaker Bios

Bridge Session: Agribusiness Education in Past, Present and Future

Chair and Introduction: Mary Shelman, Director, Agribusiness Program, Harvard Business School, USA

Csaba Forgács, Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development, Corvinus University of Budapest, Hungary Presentation
Gábor Szabó, Professor, Department of Rural Development and Agricultural Economics, University of Debrecen, Hungary 
Csaba Székely, Professor, Dean. Faculty of Economics, University of West-Hungary 
Marcos Fava Neves, Professor of Planning University of Sao Paulo, and Markestrat Researcher, Brazil Presentation
Joydeep Bose, President and Global Head, Human Resources, Olam Int'l. Singapore  
Aidan Connolly, Vice President, Alltech Biotechnology, USA Presentation

Global Challenges, Local Solutions: Trends in Food and Agribusiness

Chair: H. Christopher Peterson, Nowlin Chair Consumer-Responsive Agriculture, Product Center, Michigan State University, USA
Hans Jöhr, Corporate Head of Agriculture, Nestlé, S.A. Switzerland  Presentation
Csaba Csaki, Professor and Head of Department, Corvinus University Budapest, and Former Senior Advisor for Agriculture and Rural Development Policies, World Bank, Hungary 

How the Visegrad-4 Countries are Responding to Global Challenges

Chair: Jan van Roekel, Director, Synnovia, The Netherlands

Tomás Kreutzer, Director, Federation of Food and Drink Industries, Czech Republic  Presentation 
György Raskó, President, Csopak Holding, Hungary  
Gerd Boeckenhoff, General Manager, Rabobank, Poland  
Igor Mancel, Chairman, Wine Growers Union of Slovakia, Slovak Republic

Food Products for Health and Well-being: Global and Local Developments

Chair: Pál Molnár, Professor, University of Szeged and President, HNC for EOQ, Hungary

Diána Bánáti, Director General, CFRI, Hungary Chair of EFSA MB, Italy 
Antonio Di Giulio, Head of Unit, Food, Health and Well-being, European Commission, Belgium 
Joan Prats, Corporate Responsibility Director for Health and Wellness, Coca-Cola Europe Group, Belgium 
Hilary Green, Head of R&D Communications, Nestlé S.A., Switzerland 

Regional Products in the Global Arena: Connecting People with the Origin of Food

Chair: Francesco Braga, Associate Professor, University of Guelph, Canada

Erhard Höbaus, Head of Nutrition and Quality Assurance, Ministry of Agriculture, Austria  Presentation 
András Seboek, General Manager, Campden & Chorleywood, Hungary  Presentation,  Paper 
Ariane Angelier, Head of the Office for Quality Signs and Organic Farming, Min. of Agriculture, France  Presentation 
Arnoud-Jan Bijsterveld, Professor, Tilburg University, The Netherlands Presentation

Biofuels Session I: Tension between the 4 F's Food - Fibre - Fuel - Feed

Chair: Hector R. Laurence, President and CEO, McLaren Holdings, Argentina

József Popp, Deputy General Director, Research Institute for Agricultural Economics, Hungary Presentation
Jordi Rosell, Professor, Applied Economy,Triptolemos Foundation/Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain Presentation
Laszlo Mathe, Bioenergy Coordinator, WWF International / WWF Scotland Presentation

Biofuels Session II: Tension Between the 4 F's Food - Fiber - Fuel - Feed

Chair: Hector R. Laurence, President and CEO, McLaren Holdings, Argentina

Marcos Fava Neves, Professor of Planning University of Sao Paulo, and Markestrat Researcher, Brazil Presentation 
Sebastian Senesi - FAUBA, Argentina Presentation 
William Scott, Vice President, Agland Investment Services Inc., USA Presentation

How Governance Policies and Strategies affect the Agri-Food Sector

Chair: Michael Cook, Professor, Missouri University, USA

Laszlo Vajda, DG in Ministry of Agriculture, Hungary Presentation 
Marty Reagan, CEO of Ag. Processing, Inc (AGP), USA  Presentation 
Reto Battaglia, General Manager, Battaglia Food Safety Systems GmbH, Switzerland Presentation

Impact of the Retail Sector on the Value Chain

Chair: Walt Armbruster, President Emeritus,Farm Foundation

Péter Feiner, Chairman of Board of Directors, SPAR Hungary Trade Ltd., Hungary  Presentation 
Tibor Zsombor, Operations Director, METRO Trade Ltd., Hungary Presentation 
Bernard Guntz, Director for Investment, AUCHAN Hungary Ltd., Hungary  Presentation

 Global Economic Crises and Strategic Development

Chair: László Vajda, IAMA President, Hungary

Introductory Lecture: Carole Brookins, Managing Director, Public Capital Advisors LLC, USA  Presentation 
Paul T. Jasper, President-elect of IAMA, USA  Presentation 
Frans van Bijsterveld, Head Food & Agribusiness Europe, Rabobank International, The Netherlands  Presentation   
Johan van Rooyen, Professor, University of Pretoria, South Africa  Presentation 
Mr Jerzy Plewa, Deputy Director General, DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission, Belgium  Presentation

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