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2012  |  Volume 15-A   Special Issue 

Human Capital Development in Agribusiness
Global Networks, Global Perspectives and Global Talent

Twenty-Three Essays on the Development of Human Capital in Agribusiness

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Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction to Special Issue

The Human Capital Issue: Ensuring the Future of Food and Agribusiness

Mary Shelman*, IFAMA President, Boston, USA and Aidan J. Connolly*, Vice President, Alltech, Dublin, Ireland

Chapter 1.  Human Capital in Agribusiness: Challenges and Opportunities

Take Action Now to Attract the Next Generation of Agricultural Leaders

Hugh Grant, Chairman, President & CEO, Monsanto, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

Where are the Future Farmers to Grow Our Food?

Hans Jöhr*, Corporate Head of Agriculture, Nestlé Vevey, Switzerland

Winning the War for Talent

Gregory J. Duerksen*, CEO, Kincannon & Reed, Waynesboro, Virginia, USA

The People Question: Creating Global Advantage through Global Talent Initiatives

T.P. Lyons, CEO, Alltech, Lexington, Kentucky and Aidan J. Connolly*, Vice President, Alltech, Dublin, Ireland

Chapter 2.  Attracting, Developing and Maintaining Talent

Agribusiness: A Great Career Opportunity for Talented People

Vikram Puri, CEO, Mahindra ShubhLabh Services Ltd. Mumbai, India

Doing More with Less in a Rapidly Changing Discipline: Smaller Agribusiness Faculties Teaching More Students
Joshua D. Detre, Assist. Prof. LSU, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and Michael A. Gunderson, Asst. Prof. UF, Gainesville, Florida, USA

A Dynamic and Flexible Undergraduate Curriculum: Preparing Agribusiness Students for a Continually Changing Agricultural Sector
Sean Hurley, Assoc. Prof., and Xiaowei Cai, Asst. Prof., California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, California, USA

The Doctoral Program of the French Ministry of Agriculture: An Institutional and Individual Win-Win
Jean-Joseph Cadilhon, French Ministry of Agriculture, Montreuil-sous-bois, France

Human Capital Development for the Management of F&A in India
B.S. Sudarshan Rao, Managing Partner, Food & Agribusiness Management Consulting, Bangalore, India

Achieving Corporate Learning Excellence
Martijn F. L. Rademakers, Managing Director, Center for Strategy & Leadership Rotterdam,
The Netherlands

Chapter 3.  Human Capital Development in a Global Industry

Powerful Diversity: Fueling Excellence through Ethnically Diverse Teams

Ernesto Brovelli, Senior Manager, Horticulture, Processing & Ingredients, The Coca Cola Company, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Developing Human Capital for Agri-Food Firms’ Multi-Stakeholder Interactions
Domenico Dentoni, Vincent Blok, Thomas Lans, and Renate Wesselink, Wageningen Univ., The Netherlands

An Agribusiness H.R. Issue: Succeeding at Succession in the Family Business
Frank Bradley, Emeritus Prof., University College Dublin, Ireland; Paul Hill, Chairman, West Liberty Foods, Iowa, and Aidan J. Connolly*, Vice President, Alltech, Lexington, Kentucky, USA

Inpatriates and Expatriates: Sources of Strategic Human Capital for Multinational Food and Beverage Firms
Goudarz Azar, Graduate Student, Uppsala, Sweden

Cultural Dimensions of Human Capital Development
Dennis M. Conley*, Professor, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Nebraska, USA

Chapter 4.  Meeting the Needs of a Rapidly Changing World

Human Capital Development for Agricultural Business in Nigeria
S.T. Penda, University of Agriculture, Makurdi, Nigeria

Rural Team-Entrepreneurs: An Answer to Innovative, Multi-Disciplinary Human Capital Education  Judit Katona-Kovács, Asst. Prof. and Noémi Bóta-Horváth, Ph.D Student, University of Debrecen, Hungary

Linking Agricultural Research with the Agribusiness Community from a Pro-Poor Perspective:The Importance of Human Capital Development

Laura Donnet, Jon Hellin and Jens Riis-Jacobsen, CIMMYT, Mexico City, Mexico

Technological Transition and the New Skills Required by the Agribusiness Sector

Renato Dias Baptista, Asst. Prof., Univ. Estadual Paulista, Costa Lopes, Brazil

Chapter 5.  Innovation in Practice

Building a Talent Pipeline: Development of the ‘Alltech Mini-MBA'

Aidan J. Connolly*, Vice President, Alltech and Kate Phillips-Connolly, Dublin, Ireland

Human Capital Formation for Agribusiness: The Case of Zamorano University   
Ernesto Gallo, Prof., Zamorano University, Honduras and Michael A. Boland, Prof. Univ. Minnesota, USA

Dealing with Cultural Differences in Public-Private R&D Projects: The Experience of the Australian Seafood Sector
Domenico Dentoni, Asst. Prof. Wageningen Univ., The Netherlands and Francis English, Researcher, The University of Adelaide, South Australia

The PMA Foundation for Industry Talent
Margi Prueitt, Alicia Calhoun, PMA Foundation for Industry Talent, Newark, Delaware, USA, and Marianne van der Laarse, PMA, South Africa

*Conference Presenters, IFAMA 2012 Annual World Forum, Shanghai, China

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