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UniversiDAD DE SAO Paulo

Agribusiness Management Program 

Program Description

Agribusiness System, providing public and private institutions with a basis for decision making and strategic planning. To identify and analyze the principal agribusiness trends aiming, above all, at Brazil's insertion into the international agribusiness scene. To upgrade the managerial skills of those responsible for the administration of the Brazilian Agribusiness System. To promote international links with organizations dedicated to the Agribusiness system studies and development. Methodology. PENSA's working methodology is based on the systemic analysis of agribusiness, specially focusing on the interfaces within the various sectors (inputs, farming, industry, and distribution). This approach recognizes that each sector has its own dynamics, but, at the same time, it is conditioned by limitation imposed by the inter-segment technological and economical relations. Two other principles are also taken into consideration: the analysis of the subjects that surround the decision-making process of institutions and the importance of approximating the university to the business world.

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Decio Zylbersztajn


Sao Paulo, Brazil


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