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2022  |  VOLUME 25 ISSUE 5

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Special issue: Opportunities and challenges of EU farm-to-fork strategy


Special Issue: Opportunities and challenges of EU farm-to-fork strategy

Mariantonietta Fiore, Loïc Sauvée, Joanna Wiśniewska-Paluszak, pp. 703–707

Keywords: agribusiness, business models, farm-to-fork, food industry, rural development, R & D policy, system innovation

Research Articles

Traceability issues of honey from the consumers’ perspective in Romania

Cristina Bianca Pocol, Peter Šedík, Alexandra-Ioana Glogovețan, Ioan Sebastian Brumă, pp. 709–722

Keywords: honey authenticity, consumer behaviour, traceability, adulteration

Are there any differences in rural development challenges within European countries? Social and economic contexts from EU rural leaders

Tomasz Kusio, Joanna Kudełko, Alexandra Borges, Anamarija Delic, Iulia Stroila, pp. 737–756

Keywords: economics, entrepreneurship, rural development, social innovations

Resilience in the food sector – environmental, social and economic perspectives in crisis situations

Justyna Franc-Dąbrowska, Nina Drejerska, pp. 757–770

Keywords: resilience, food system, biodiversity, finance, labor, inflation 

Too much power or no power: when does intermediary’s power result into better wine and happier farmers?

Orjon Xhoxhi, Drini Imami, Jon Hanf, Ekrem Gjokaj, pp. 771–787

Keywords: power, relationship performance, vineyard value chain, Western Balkan, Kosovo 

Research and innovation challenges for better policies in food systems and bioeconomy transitions – evidence from Poland

Paweł Chmieliński, Barbara Wieliczko, pp. 789–801

Keywords: value chain, food systems, SWOT analysis, research and innovation, BIOEAST, CEEC, Poland 

Operationalizing circular economy. Reflections on a by-product upcycling value chain construction in the brewing sector

Gaëlle Petit, Samira Rousselière, Sibylle Duchaine, Emilie Korbel, Véronique Cariou, Sergey Mikhaylin, Luc K. Audebrand, pp. 803–817

Keywords: circular economy, by-product, sustainable development, upcycling, brewer’s spent grain

Case Study

Collective smart innovations and corporate governance models in Italian wine cooperatives: the opportunities of the farm-to-fork strategy

Concetta Nazzaro, Marcello Stanco, Anna Uliano, Marco Lerro, Giuseppe Marotta, pp. 723–736

Keywords: innovation, sustainability, cooperatives, governance, value creation 

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