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2002  |  Volume 5  Issue 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Executive Summaries


Understanding The Relationship Between Product Specifications And Coordination In Agri-Business Supply Chains:
An Examination Of The New Zealand Meat Industry  

Altair Dias de Moura, Diane Mollenkopf and Sandra Martin

Foreign Direct Investment and the Brazilian Food Industry in the 90's
Elizabeth Maria Mercier, Querido Farina and Claudia Assuncao dos Santos Viegas

The Internationalization Determinants of the Small Agro-Food Firms: Hypotheses and Statistical Test
Mourad K. Ayouz and Herve Remaud

Consumer Perception On Alternative Poultry
Tatiana M. Q. Farina and Silvia F. de Almeida

Impact of Information on the Demand for Credence Characteristics
Jukka Kola and Terhi Latvala

Technological Fields and Concentration of Innovation Among Food and Beverage Multinationals
Oscar Alfranca, Ruth Rama, and Nicholas von Tunzelmann

Agribusiness Management of Exchange Rate Risk
Dennis M. Conley and Olivier Le Boulanger

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