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Wednesday, 23 June
12:00 EDT (N America)

IFAMA 2021 Global Student Case Competition Finals:

Teams from Asia and Oceania who are competing in the Final Round to the competition will receive their final case challenge on June 22-23. Teams will have four hours to solve the case and present their solutions virtually before a panel of international judges. More details available by June 14. Learn more about the 2021 Student Case Competition.

Symposium - Academic Research Presentations - See Whova for full  Symposium Schedule available June 14.



  • Juan José Bolaños Herrera, CEO, Piñalbo
  • Esteban R. Brenes, Professor, Director of Executive MBA, INCAE Business School

Wednesday, 23 June
09:00-10:30 CEST (Europe)

Welcome to Forum Day 3 — Europe /Africa Region

Panel Discussion: Transforming the Global Agriculture and Food System Through Innovation

Building upon the keynote address of Sunny Verghese, Co-founder and Group CEO, Olam International, from Day 1 of the Forum, our panelists offer an African and European perspective.


  • Woody Maijers, Inholland University, Netherlands


  • Ferdi Meyer, Bureau for Food and Agriculture Policy, South Africa
  • Gus van der Felz, Co-Founder and Board Member, Farm Tech Society, Belgium
  • Mandla Nkomo, Managing Director, Solidaridad, South Africa
  • Yelto Zimmer, Managing Director global networks gUG, Head of agri benchmark, Germany

Wednesday, 23 June

11:00-13:30 CEST (Europe)

Session 1: Can the Farm-to-Fork Strategy Create a Food System Reset?

The Farm-to-Fork Strategy, launched in 2020, is at the heart of the European Green Deal and aims to make Agrifood systems fair, healthy, and environmentally friendly. In this session, we discuss the hurdles ahead and the innovative solutions needed to develop a circular biobased economy, improve nutrient use efficiency, biodiversity, and animal welfare, while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. What are the opportunities and challenges for Agrifood businesses? What are the key drivers needed to make these changes in the EU and Africa? How will this EU Farm-to-Fork initiative affect business model innovation and future trade regulations?

IFAMR Europe Call for Papers: Opportunities and Challenges of EU Farm-to-Fork Strategy

Editors: Mariantonietta Fiore, Joanna Wisniewska-Paluszak and Loïc Sauvée


  • Olaf Heidelbach, Economic and Policy Analyst bei European Commission, Belgium


  • Loïc Sauvée, UniLaSalle, France
  • Melissa Van Der Merwe, IFAMA Young Board, Stellenbosch University, South Africa


  • Thinus Van Schoor, Value Chain Solutions, South Africa
  • Christine Crosby, Sustainability Director, Hero Group, Switzerland
  • Valentino Marini Govigli, Foodland Project, University of Bologna
  • Pawel Chmieliński, Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland


    • Kristian Moeller, CEO, GlobalGAP, Germany
    • Tinashe Kaphuya, African Green Revolution Association -Young Leader in Ag, Kenya
    • Petra Berkhout, Project Manager/Senior Researcher, Wageningen University & Research

      Wednesday, 23 June

      14:00-15:30 CEST (Europe)

      Session 2: New Investments in AgriFood Systems Usher in the Next Frontier

      As the AgriFood sector matures, non-traditional investors are entering the market with new financial sophistication as they seek to capitalize on the application of new technologies in food production. This session examines disruptive innovations in AgTech—production systems, new foods, and data platforms that allow for faster and better decision making. What do these new investors look like, and how are these deals structured? What are the implications for the traditional industry players? Will small farmers survive?


      • John Purchase, Ag Biz, South Africa


      • Wandile Sihlobo, Ag Biz, Young Leader in Ag, South Africa
      • Nico Groenewald, Standard Bank, South Africa
      • Russell du Preez, Chairman, Russellstone Group, South Africa
      • Ward Anseeuw, Research Fellow, CIRAD, France
      • Marcel Zevenbergen, IMEC Belgium and partner One Planet, Netherlands
      • Ronald Kleverlaan, Chairman Foundation SME Finance & Director, European Centre for Alternative Finance, Netherlands

      Wednesday, 23 June

      16:00-17:30 CEST (Europe)

      Session 3: Future of Work in the Agri-Food Value Chain

      What does the future of work look like? Do we need to upskill ourselves further, and in what areas? Will robots replace all our jobs? How do we exist in symbiosis with technology? We know that the pace of change is accelerating, yet will it ever slow down? Should we be concerned about what this means for traditional job opportunities in the Agri-food value chain? Join us as our panel of young professionals, students, and industry experts in tackle one of the most uncertain topics of our time – The future of work in the Agri-food chain.


      • Melissa Van Der Merwe, IFAMA Young Board, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
      • Anathi Makamane, IFAMA Young Board, University of Free State, South Africa
      • Chikomborero Chiobvu, Africa Chapter Committee Chair, Student, University of Pretoria
      • Philip van Zanten, Beekenkamp, Staff, Netherlands
      • Jan Greyling, Analyst, Agventures South Africa
      • Tamara Kaunda, Medical Doctor, Zambia
      • Marianne van der Laarse, Agrijob, South Africa
      • Jahni de Villiers, Director, Labour Amplified, South Africa
      • Piet Verstegen, Senior Researcher, Wageningen University Research Centre, Netherlands 

        Wednesday, 23 June

        19:00-20:30 CEST (Europe)

        Session 4: Farming in the Future—A Look at Digital Tools and Disruptive Technologies

        The farming sector is currently undergoing radical disruptions that will continue reshaping the future of food. Digitalization, new technologies, government policies, and climate change are poised to disrupt traditional business models. What are the keys to surviving and thriving? What are the implications for food security and addressing climate change in Europe and Africa?

        This practical session will showcase several examples of digital tools and disruptive technologies in Africa and Europe that benefit stakeholders across the food and agricultural value chain.


        • Ed Mabaya, Cornell University, USA
        • Anathi Makamane, IFAMA Young Board, University of Free State, South Africa
        • Willem Bas, Partner, (lettuce producer), Netherlands 
        • Peter Maes, Director, Corporate Marketing, Koppert Biological Systems, Netherlands 
        • Lisanne Van Haarlem, Project Innovation Leader, Fruit Tech Campus Foundation, Netherlands
        • Lise Korsten, Center for Food Security South Africa, University of Pretoria, South Africa
        • Tommie van Zyl, ZZ2, South Africa
        • Langelihle Simela, Agribusiness Development Specialist, ABSA, South Africa

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