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An African focused contribution to overcoming gaps faced in the agrifood landscape by fostering activities that start the right conversations.


The African agri-food sector has a massive social and economic footprint on the continent. Although this sector is a source of employment, economic development and food security, an untapped potential exists. Beyond its economic impact, the agrifood industry in Africa strives to ensure that there is reliable access to food that is affordable, nutritious and of sufficient quantity. Over the years the agricultural industry has attracted the participation of the tertiary sector through insurance, marketing and financial services. As part of the larger economic family, attention must be brought to the African continent. The untapped potential provides a breeding ground for the participation of new and innovative role players.

IFAMA Africa shares the IFAMA mission of enabling the global agribusiness community to provide adequate and nutritious food to the world by creating connections between academics, students, agribusiness, and other organizations to solve the critical management issues that face the industry today and in the future. IFAMA Africa strives to apply this mission on a concentrated level on the African continent.

To achieve this we need to address the challenges faced on the continent and the objectives to overcome them.


  • ·         Developing food systems where they do not yet exist
  • ·         Improving agribusiness competitiveness- firm, value chain, industry, country, regional, continental, global goals
  • ·         Preparing the future of agriculture with adequate skills and resources
  • ·         Support the 4IR in the African agricultural sector as a catalyst for growth
  • ·         Investing in the future of farming as a business
  • ·         Investing in agricultural infrastructure and embrace technology that boosts productivity


  • ·         Addressing robust and enabling policies.
  • ·         Analyzing Performance trends.
  • ·         Enhancing the attractiveness of the agrifood industry for young professionals.
  • ·         Communicating the realities of the agrifood industry.
  • ·         Connecting industry with research institutions for better alignment between challenges and research based solutions.
  • ·         Creating a network of thought leaders in various African regions.
  • ·         Addressing gaps that exist in agricultural skills development.
  • ·         Providing a platform to advise and advocate for learning institutions.

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