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IFAMA is dedicated to the mission of enabling the global agribusiness community to provide adequate and nutritious food to the world by creating connections between academics, students, agribusiness, and other organizations to solve the critical management issues that face the industry today and in the future. IFAMA strategy is focused on three pillars:

Foster Agribusiness Talent

Identify, nurture and develop the next generation of professionals in agribusiness, and provide structured opportunities for industry to identify and recruit the most- talented candidates for careers in agribusiness management.

Provide Thought Leadership on the Management of Agribusiness

Generate leading edge research and insight to provide thought leadership to the agribusiness community, while ensuring curricula and research are focused on critical issues facing the industry today and in the future.

Connect Academia, Government, & Industry

Bring together current and future business, academic, and government leaders along with other industry stakeholders to improve the strategic focus, transparency, sustainability, and responsiveness of the global food and agribusiness system.


The International Agribusiness Management Association (IAMA), formed in 1990, had several founding fathers including Professor Ray Goldberg*. The purpose in forming what is now known as IFAMA was to stimulate strategic thinking across the full spectrum of the agribusiness food chain.

Today, IFAMA is a vibrant association with members from over 80 countries.

  • World's foremost academics and researchers studying the management of agribusiness
  • Corporate and industry association executives spanning all aspects of the global food chain
  • Top agribusiness students from the world's most prestigious universities
  • Influential policymakers and representatives from government and non-governmental organizations


Bylaws for the International Food and Agribusiness Management Association can be read here, and can be downloaded at this link.

*Dr. Ray Goldberg was and continues to be one of the world's foremost experts on agribusiness and is credited with coining the term "agribusiness" along with his HBS colleague John Davis. IAMA’s founding fathers: Dwayne Andreas, President of ADM; Ray Goldberg, Harvard University; Gail Cramer, University of Arkansas; Clarence Davan, Sugar Company President; and Kerry Litzenberg and Vernon Schneider, Texas A&M University.

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