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2012  |  Volume 15 Issue 4 

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Food Store Density, Nutrition Education, Eating Habits and Obesity
Alessandro Bonanno and Stephan J. Goetz

Sustained Competitive Advantage in Agribusiness: Applying the Resource-Based Theory to Human Resources
Amin W. Mugera  *Author video

Competitiveness, Efficiency and Environmental Impact of Protected Agriculture in Zacatecas, Mexico
Luz E. Padilla Bernal, Alfredo Lara-Herrera, Elivier Reyes-Rivas, and Oscar Perez-Veyna

The Relationship Between Information Exchange Benefits and Performance: The Mediating Effect of Supply Chain Compliance in the Chinese Poultry Chain
Guangqian Peng, Jacques H. Trienekens, S.W.F. (Onno) Omta, & Wensheng Wang

Segmenting Consumers to Inform Agrifood Value Chain Development in Nepal
Rajendra Prasad Adhikari, Ray Collins & Ximing Sun  *Author video

Are Organic Growers Satisfied with the Certification System? A Causal Analysis of Farmers’ Perceptions in Chile
Carlos Padilla Bravo, Achim Spiller, and Pablo Villalobos

Analyzing Consumers’ Preferences for Apple Attributes in Tirana, Albania
Engjell Skreli and Drini Imami

Case Study

Driving a Fishery along the Bumpy Ride of Today’s Globalization: The Case of the Australian Southern Rock Lobster Association
Domenico Dentoni, Jianyong Lu, Francis English, Rebecca McBride

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Industry Speaks

Towards a Branded Food Economy in China
Damien McLoughlin, Steve Bourne, Mary Shelman, Frank Bradley and Aidan Connolly

The Agenda of Sustainable Development
Gustavo Grobocopatel

Mapping and Quantification of the Cotton Chain in Brazil
Marcos Fava Neves, Mairun Junqueira Alves Pinto, José Carlos de Lima Júnior

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