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International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

2023  |  VOLUME 26 ISSUE 4

(November 2023)

Research Articles

Competitive parity as strategic dimension – little to gain, much to lose

Barbara Richter, Jon H. Hanf, pp. 597–613

Keywords: competitive parity; strategic chain management; supply chain networks; strategic management; resource-based view; relational view; agri-food business; Q13

Adopting modern agricultural technologies and impact on economic performance: evidence from cashew farmers in Kenya

Pius Nnahiwe, Jiří Hejkrlík, Miroslava Bavorová, pp. 615–639

Keywords: extension; farmer groups; cashew; fertilizer usage; chemical spraying; planting density; Q16; O33; O55

Social entrepreneurship in agri-food systems: the case of food hubs

Tatevik Avetisyan, R. Brent Ross, Wynne Wright, pp. 641–654

Keywords: social entrepreneurship; food hubs; local and regional food systems; comparative case study; Q1; Q13

A qualitative assessment of farmer director skills in agricultural cooperatives

Jody S. Herchenbach, Brian C. Briggeman, Jason S. Bergtold, Aleksan Shanoyan, Sarah A. Low, Brandi Miller, pp. 655–672

Keywords: farmer cooperatives; director skills; Delphi method; C83; G30; Q13

Coffee sustainability attributes in developing countries: the Honduran domestic coffee market 

Brenda Mamani Escobar, Luis Sandoval, Marco A. Palma, Carlos Carpio, Manuel D. Garcia, pp. 673–689

Keywords: choice experiment; decision making; demand behavior; visual attention; willingness-to-pay; D01; D91; P46

Coffee cooperatives and cross-border side-sales in the Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo: two sides of the same coin

Wannes Slosse, Jeroen Buysse, Vijaya Vijaya, Koen Schoors, Marijke D’Haese, pp. 691–709

Keywords: informal trade; side-selling; coffee cooperatives; gpn 2.0; double hurdle model; Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo; C34; O13; O17; Q12; Q13

Shortening food supply chain in home-grown school feeding: experiences and lessons from south central China

Xinghua Liu, Chengfang Liu, Jieying Bi, pp. 711–728

Keywords: home-grown school feeding; short food supply chain; smallholders; structured demand; alternative food networks; I18; I30; Q11; Q13

Food outlet choice patterns of alternative food system consumers

Lijun Angelia Chen, Lisa House, Xiang Bi, pp. 729–748

Keywords: alternative food systems; cross-shopping behavior; food outlet choice; food outlet diversity; consumer preference; Q13; M13; P46

Consumers’ attitude toward the source of biotechnology

Xumin Zhang, Lisa House, Joanna Karavolias, Zhifeng Gao, Teresa Briz, Rainer Haas, pp. 749–762

Keywords: biotechnology; corporate trust; environmental concern; technology acceptance; choice experiment; D12; D40; Q18

Consumer trust in Arctic foods certification

Yang Yang, Jill E. Hobbs, David C. Natcher, pp. 763–778

Keywords: Arctic region; certification; latent class analysis; sustainability; trust; C38; D12; Q13

Book Review

Agricultural marketing and price analysis – 2nd edition, written by Bailey Norwood, Jayson Lusk, Derrell Peel, John Riley

Jose Quintero, James L. Mitchell, Trey Malone, pp. 779–781

Keywords: agricultural marketing; price analysis; Y3 

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