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IFAMA Membership: The Value

Connect to Talent

Join the ranks of industry leading organizations who partner with IFAMA to recruit high potential employees. IFAMA provides a suite of tools to connect companies to students in the top agribusiness universities and programs of the world. IFAMA's  peer-reviewed publications contain the latest research and insights from academics and top-level executives on the forefront of agribusiness today.

Expand Your Network

IFAMA provides ongoing opportunities to deepen and strengthen your network. The Annual World Conference attracts more than 350 leaders in field of agriculture. Other networking opportunities include regional chapters meetings, collaborative committees and task forces.

Professional Development

IFAMA provides learning opportunities across the professional spectrum through our conferences, events, network and journal.

IFAMA has members in more than 50 countries, including: 

  • Leading business executives 
  • University departments, libraries, researchers, educators, administrators and students
  • National and international policymakers 
  • Non-governmental organizations and consumer groups

IFAMA Chapters, meet throughout the year to discuss food and agribusiness issues important to their particular local cities, regions, countries or hemisphere.

Through its conference programs, publications and ongoing initiatives, IFAMA provides opportunities for professional development for even the most experienced members.  However, what makes IFAMA distinct is its focus on the professional growth of the food and agribusiness students who belong to IFAMA.

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