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Program Description

This program, unique in France, benefits from innovative teaching methods and multicultural classes and responds to French and global issues from the point of view of agriculture and the food and non-food processing industry. It also provides a response to the challenges of ecological and social transition within companies and society. As a true window on the world, you will develop skills and knowledge to find solutions adapted to each territory.

Key Information

  • duration of training: 5 years   
  • teaching in English   
  • recruitment from Bac to Bac+5   
  • place of training: Rouen   
  • MSc degree in Agronomy and Agro-industries accredited by the Commission des Titres d'Ingénieur (CTI), Master's degree and European EUR-ACE® label until 2024-25


MSc Agricultural & Food Data Management — This unique program is at the interface between High Technology and Agriculture & Food. It ranges from the processing of data retrieved by connected objects such as drones, satellites, tablets, telephones, data on the behavior of actors in a sector, to the management and analysis of massive data for decision support.

MSc Urban Agriculture & Green Cities — This program aims to provide future managers with training in professions involving urban innovation strategies and sustainable environmental development, while incorporating and applying innovative horticultural solutions to the built environment.

Plant Breeding Chair — This program aims to develop research that integrates new technologies for plant improvement, and focuses on the epistemological and sociological acceptance of innovation in plant breeding

Program Website

Contact: Loïc SAUVÉE, Directeur unité de recherche InTerACT Head of research unit, Unité de recherche InTerACT

Location: 19, rue Pierre Waguet 60026 Beauvais

Contact Phone Number: (+33) 0344067593


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