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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

IFAMA is a membership organization that brings together the world's leading scholars and students, industry and NGO professionals, and policy makers to improve the strategic focus, transparency, sustainability and responsiveness of the food and agribusiness system. 

Through a world-class journal and international events IFAMA acts as a catalyst and clearinghouse for ideas and talent, strengthening ties between stakeholders and advancing the sector as a whole.

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Registration is OPEN 

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You can still submit a paper / case / abstract.  Scroll down to reach the submission link.  NOTE: Beat the Fee Increase of May 30, if you haven't yet registered, do so now! Also, visit to Alibaba HQ will - due to capacity constraints - be capped in terms of number of guests.  As of April 14, ALL registrants are guaranteed a spot for this visit, if you have not yet done so register now, to secure your own spot!

UPDATE OF JUNE 17: CONFERENCE PROGRAM available here: program draft June 17 IFAMA 2019.pdf 



a- the conference Onepager 2019 posted Mar 19

b- Hotel information here, posted Mar 10   .  Please note that the distance from the HQ hotel and the university (Sat-Sun academic program) is approximately one mile, walkable.

c- From/to Pudong airport here, posted Mar 10, also with instructions for those who would like to try one of the 130 bullet trains connecting Shanghai and Hangzhou,   here, posted Apr 14.

d- VISA info (with email to request invitation letter) here, posted Mar 12.pdf

Schedule draft as of March 15.

June 22-23 - Academic Symposium at Zhejiang University

June 23 - First round Case Competition, at Zhejiang University

June 24-27 Forum Schedule at Hotel HQ, ShangriLa Hotel:

Mon Tue Wed Thur
Session     Fellows breakfast  
AM 1
Formal Forum Opening:
Prof. Longbao Wei, Conference Chair
Dr. Hector Laurence, IFAMA President,
Important Chinese Autorities
and Industry Leaders
Changing Agribusiness:
Land use policies in China.
Experience from Latin America (Argentina, Peru) Sout Africa
Changing Agribusiness: What role for  cooperatives? Situation in China, and experiences from around the world.  Chair Prof. Brian Briggemen, Diector, Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. Prominent Chinese and international speakers. AliBaba visit
 (turns, need specifiction to form groups)
  Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
AM 2 The 2019 Clayton Yeutter Lecture: 
Prof. Gerhard schiefer, University of Bonn
"Anticipated Futures for Modern Rural Economies"

2019 IFAMA Fellows
2019 Distinguished Service Award
Evolving agribusiness policies in China, emphasis on e-Commerce aspects Changing Agribusiness: A NASDAQ IPO to support strategic growth?  Case discussion led by Prof. Roberty Fineey, Austral University Rosario.  With corporate testimonials. AliBaba visit (turns, need specifiction to form groups)
  Lunch (provided) Lunch (provided) Lunch (provided)  
PM 1 The future of agribusiness leadership showcase best students::
Case competition finals
Case discussion on new agribusiness in China:
"e-Vegetables? selling fresh vegetables online".  Discussion with executives implementing this revolution
Additional "China" focus: " The Alibaba Story"  impact of AliBaba on agbus.?  With Alibaba exec. Optional: local agbus visit
  Coffee Break Coffee Break Coffee Break  
PM 2 The future of agribusiness leadership showcase best students::
Case competition finals
Global Gap:
"Importance of good ag practices". 
Discussion led by Dr. Kristian Moeller, GlobalGap president, with indusry speakers
a- IFAMA annual meeting: open forum
b- Invitation to Rotterdam 2020
Optional: local agbus visit
Eve Indusry reception,
sponsored by AliBaba,
Prominent Business Leader 
IFAMA Board (by invitation ) Presidential Banquet (provided)

Download the Program - Forum, draft Mar 15

Ifama offers early bird registration discounts, Register early!  An additional discount is available to IFAMA Members, who have paid their 2019 dues.  It pays to be an IFAMA member.

Registration Fees

IFAMA is happy to offer 
early bird discount, with a furter significant discount for members who have pid their 2019 dues, as follows:

CUTOFF Member status Student Academic, Professional 1 day Guest
15-Jan Y  $       645  $                  995  $       495  $       545
  N  $       845  $              1,195  $       695  $       545
15-Mar Y  $       845  $              1,195  $       495  $       645
  N  $    1,045  $              1,395  $       695  $       645
30-May Y  $    1,045  $              1,345  $       495  $       745
  N  $    1,245  $              1,545  $       695  $       745
Last Minute Y  $    1,245  $              1,500  $       695  $       745
  N  $    1,445  $              1,700  $       695  $       745


Submitting a paper, a case, a roundtable proposal; 

register for Case Competition

Submission is OPEN

Click HERE to Submit 

Authors will be able to submit a full paper or case, to compete in the best paper / teaching case competition, or submit a comprehensive abstract. Organized rountable proposal (90 minutes) may also be submitted.  The page does also offer a separate link to register a Team for the Student Case Competition and a link to apply for student travel support .

Submissions are reviewed AS RECEIVED.   To assist authors with administrative processing at their end, please note the three cutoff dates    below: They will guarantee that author will receive a decision via email in time to take advantage of the given early bird registration cutoff.

Schedule of relevant submission dates:

If contributing an Abstract or a discussion session

Received by Decision by Early bird
24-Dec 08-Jan 15-Jan
22-Feb 08-Mar 15-Mar
09-May 23-May 30-May

If contributing a Full Paper or Teaching or Research Case

Received by Decision by Early bird
24-Dec 08-Jan 15-Jan
02-Feb 08-Mar 15-Mar
25-Apr 23-May 30-May

Please note :
IFAMR will publish a (peer reviewed) Special Issue(s) with the Best Papers and Best Cases

Please be patient as the site is under development. 

Oct.1 2018- 


The Paper fee due to IFAMR for an accepted paper / case will be 1,100 Euro starting Jan. 1, 2019. The current fee, 1000 Euro, will remain valid for all manuscripts submitted and received by Wageningen Academic Publishers not later than December 31, 2018, and for any paper / case already under review.

Oct.1 2018-


Dr. Mike Gunderson, Executive Editor, IFAMR, Dr. Gerhard Schiefer, Chair of the Publication Policy Committee of IFAMA, and Dr. Francesco Braga, CEO, IFAMA, inform that on January 1, 2019 the Publication Policy Committee of IFAMA will assume the responsibilities previously discharged by the IFAMR Advisory Board.  

IFAMA wants to acknowledge the leadership provided by the many colleagues who served in the Advisory Board:  IFAMR has grown over the years also thanks to you.

A simple ceremony to acknowledge the past leadership of the Advisory Board members will take place during the Presidential Banquet at the 2019 World Conference. 

(posted on July 23 2018)

Call for Papers, Ifama Europe Special Issue

"European agrifood business in transition towards social responsibility",  Guest Editor Loïc Sauvée. 

Please read the Call  here

Please direct all questions directly to the Guest Editor Loïc Sauvée, at

B - IFAMA2018 World Congress 

(past event, for reference only)

BROCHURE, SYMPOSIUM PROGRAM, and Klayton Yeutter's annual keynote letter from the Hon Carole Brookins: 
Full Brochure, Additional Speakers: here


Short (no bios) Brochure

B.3 Symposium program:

B.4 Hon Carole Brookins' letter on the first Clayton
Yeutter's Keynote Address: read it HERE

B.5 Download your IFAMA2018 attendance certificate here

2018 Conference Registration 

IFAMA is proud to acknowledge the partnership with 
Austral's Centro de Agronegocios y Alimentos



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