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International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

2024  |  VOLUME 27 ISSUE 2

Published May 2024

Research Articles

Australian ethical consumer segmentation of food and agricultural products and export opportunities for the Pacific Islands
Craig Johns, Wendy Umberger, Rio Maligalig, and Pamela Lyon, pp: 147–164

The influence of internal factors on micro and small enterprises performance: evidence from Tanzanian agri-food processors
Pulkeria Pascoe, Marcia Dutra de Barcellos, Hans De Steur, Joachim Schouteten, Hawa P. Tundui, and Xavier Gellynck, pp: 165–183

Ranking heterogeneous US consumer beef attribute preferences
Ted C. Schroeder, Eliyasu Y. Osman, Phillip A. Lancaster, and Brad J. White, pp: 184–200

Labels, taxes, and food reformulation: A tale of sugar in carbonated soft drinks in Ecuador
Alexis Villacis, Carlos E. Carpio, Tullaya Boonsaeng, Tania Cabrera, and Rafael Alvarado, pp: 201–216

Multi-level marketing system with industrial food processing in Africa: smallholder tomato farmers in Tanzania
Nasibu Yusuph Mwinyiheri, Victoria Salin, Yu Yvette Zhang, Benxi Lin, and Chileshe Chewe, pp: 217–236

Production planning in an indoor farm: Using time and space requirements to define an efficient production schedule and farm size
Simone Valle de Souza, K.C. Shasteen, Joseph Seong, Chieri Kubota, Murat Kacira, and H. Christopher Peterson, pp: 237–255

Optimising the power of core resources used in Taiwanese controlled-environment mushroom industry business strategies through strategic alliances
Ching Yin Ip, Shu-Mei Wang, Wen-Hsien Huang, and Chaoyun Liang, pp: 256–270

Exploring the use of blockchain-based tokens in the wine industry
Michael Paul Kramer, Jochen Heussner, and Jon H. Hanf, pp: 271–290

Does off-farm employment affect farmers’ adoption of green control techniques?
Lili Yu, Yaqi Wang, Hongling Xie, Xue Yao, and Bei Liu, pp: 291–310

Beekeepers’ resilience as a key to ecosystem sustainability, empirical evidence from Hungary
László Mucha, Titanilla Oravecz, Elena Horská, and Csaba Bálint Illés, pp: 311–326

Female non-farm employment and family members’ dining out and nutrient intake: Evidence from China
Yufei Qu, Qian Lu, Yuxuan Qu, and Han Li, pp: 327–344

Case Studies

China’s Land Reform and Rural Innovation: A Case Study
Xiandong Li, Xianmei Li, Yuanlin Liao, Qiao Mi, and Guoxin Yu, pp: 345–358

A Monte Carlo simulation case study on blueberries from Mexico
Carlos O. Trejo-Pech, Alejandro Rodríguez-Magaña, Hugo Briseño-Ramírez, and Roberto Ahumada, pp: 359–377

HelloFresh: Transitioning to a plastic-free future?
Nikita Sharda, Caspar Krampe, and Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, pp: 378–396

Manzana Verde: Uberizing the food service
Ernesto Gallo, pp: 397–409

Book Review

The Future of Agriculture
Robert Saik, pp: 411–412

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