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2012  |  Volume 15 Issue 3 

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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The Influence of Networking and Absorptive Capacity on the Innovativeness of Farmers in the Dutch Pork Sector
M. Tepic, Jacques H. Trienekens, R. Hoste, and S.W.F. (Onno) Omta
2012 IFAMA Symposium-Best Paper Award – 1st Place Winner

China's Meat and Egg Production and Soybean Meal Demand for Feed: An Elasticity Analysis and Long-Term Projections
Tadayoshi Masuda and Peter D. Goldsmith
2012 IFAMA Symposium-Best Paper Award- Conference Theme

Improving Smallholder Livelihoods Through Local Value Chain Development: A Case Study of Goat Milk Yogurt in Tanzania   *Author Video
Helene Lie, Karl M. Rich, Lusato R. Kurwijila, and Anne M. Jervell
2012 IFAMA Symposium-Best Paper Finalist

How to Treat Farmers Fairly? Results of a Farmer Survey
Anneke Hellberg-Bahr and Achim Spiller
2012 IFAMA Symposium-Best Paper Finalist

To Make or to Buy: Is this the Question? Testing Making or Buying Decisions to Explain Innovation-Sourcing Strategies in the Food Sector
Stefano Pascucci, Annie Royer and Jos Bijman
2012 IFAMA Symposium-Best Paper Finalist

Creating Sustainable Businesses by Reducing Food Waste: A Value Chain Framework for Eliminating Inefficiencies
Gerry Kouwenhoven, Vijayender Reddy Nalla and Ton Lossonczy von Losoncz

Factors Affecting the Export Demand for U.S. Pistachios
Zijuan Zheng, Sayed Saghaian and Michael Reed    *Author video  

Integration of Smallholders in Modern Agri-food Chains: Lessons from the KASCOL Model in Zambia
Sepiso Mungandi, Daniel Conforte and Nicola Mary Shadbolt

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