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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

2011 | Volume 14 Issue 5 | SpECIAL ISSUE

The Scientific Pluralism of Agribusiness 

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Executive Editor Note    
Editorial Staff  

Editors' Introduction

The Scientific Pluralism of Agribusiness: Editor's Forward

R. Wes Harrison and Desmond Ng


An Epistemology for Agribusiness: Peers, Methods and Engagement in the Agri-Food Bio System

H. Christopher Peterson

Exclusivity of Agrifood Supply Chains: Seven Fundamental Economic Characteristics

Thomas L. Sporleder and Michael A. Boland  *Author video

Future Agribusiness Challenges: Strategic Uncertainty, Innovation and Structural Change

Michael D. Boehlje, Maud Roucan-Kane, Stefanie Bröring  *Author video

Multi-Stakeholder Sustainability Alliances in Agri-Food Chains:A Framework for Multi-Disciplinary Research

Domenico Dentoni and H. Christopher Peterson

Food Risks and Type I & II Errors

William E. Nganje and Paul Skilton

Agribusiness Extension: The Past, Present, and Future?

Ruby A. Ward, Timothy Woods and Allen Wysocki

Academic Perspectives on Agribusiness: An International Survey

Joshua D. Detre, Michael A. Gunderson, Whitney Oliver Peake, and Frank J. Dooley

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