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Getting Your Research Published in an International Journal

Kevin Zhigang Chen, Editor-In-Chief, IFAMA Review

Moderator: Gregory Baker, Santa Clara University

This popular session answers your questions on how to structure your research so that it contains the components of high-quality, scholarly work and how to properly prepare the manuscript for the peer review process.

Case Methods Workshop

Co-Chairs: R. Brent Ross   |   Bernardo Piazzardi   |   Roco Reina

The case method is an active learning tool that helps participants assess, analyze, and act upon complex business issues. This popular session features a Roundtable discussion on writing and teaching online case studies. 

DOWNLOAD the Roco Reina Case Methods Powerpoint

DOWNLOAD the Bernardo Piazzardi Case Methods Powerpoint

Case Study Workshop #2: Fazenda Maxi

Case Authors & Presenters:  Susana Falcão Martins  |  
Bernardo C. Piazzardi  |  Marcelo Paladino

The Fazenda Maxi Program is a national production initiative done by the Fazenda Maxi supermarket in the Republic of Angola with 37 stores in the country.

DOWNLOAD the Fazenda Maxi case study

DOWNLOAD the Fazenda Maxi abstract

DOWNLOAD the Fazenda Maxi annexes

Case Study Workshop #3: Vietgreen

Case Authors & Presenters: Thuy Thanh Tran  |  Christian Herzig  |  
Thi Nguyen

VietGreen, headquartered in the South of Vietnam, is a Bottled Mineral Water Company striving towards becoming a leading mineral water producer with a strong reputation for social responsibility and integrity. This case describes VietGreen’s decision to explore the potential of material flow cost accounting (MFCA) for enhanced eco-efficiency and achieving the company’s long-term goals. 

DOWNLOAD the Vietgreen case study

DOWNLOAD the Vietgreen abstract

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