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International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

2023  |  VOLUME 26 ISSUE 5

(December 2023)

Teaching Case Study

Cacao Oro
Esteban R. Brenes, Octavio Martinez, Maria Fernanda Lopez, Luciano Ciravegna, and Caleb A. Pichardo, pp. 783–799
Keywords: cocoa; industry analysis; Latin America; Nicaragua; strategy; L1; Q13

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Research Articles

Cheese without cows: Consumer demand for animal-free dairy cheese made from cellular agriculture in the United Kingdom
Peter Slade and Oscar Zollman Thomas, pp. 801–820
Keywords: cellular agriculture; dairy alternatives; discrete choice experiment; lab-grown cheese; plant-based cheese; D12; Q18

Consumers’ perceptions of animal husbandry practices and their heterogeneous needs for information – insights from a cross-country cluster analysis
Corinna Hempel, Megan Waldrop, and Jutta Roosen, pp. 821–836
Keywords: animal welfare; cross-country survey; consumer segmentation; information; knowledge; D83; Q13; Q18

Consumers’ risk perception and willingness to pay for abnormally shaped vegetables in China
Li Zhao, Jiajun Huang, Haiying Gu, Chengyan Yue, Uma Parasuram, and David Ahlstrom, pp. 837–860
Keywords: China; choice experiment; consumer segments; willingness to pay

American Farmers’ Attitudes toward China and the U.S.–China Trade Dispute: A Mediated Relationship
Guang Han, Lulu Rodriguez, and Shuyang Qu, pp. 861–881
Keywords: agricultural trade policy; information sources; media credibility; Midwest farmers; U.S.–China trade war; F190; F100

Agricultural technology adoption for smallholder small grain farmers in Zimbabwe. Implications for food system transformation and sustainability
Tryphina Dube-Takaza, Blessing M Maumbe, and Cosmas Parwada, pp. 882–903
Keywords: conservation agriculture; small grain; technology adoption; varieties; Q00; Q1; Q2; Q5

Price transmission analysis of Irish butter export prices in the world butter market
Lungelo P. Cele, Thia Hennessy, John Eakins, and Fiona Thorne, pp. 904–921
Keywords: horizontal and vertical price transmission; butter export prices; farm milk prices; Vector Error Correction Model; L1; L5; Q1

Does new infrastructure outperform old infrastructure in China’s Agricultural Specialization: an empirical examination based on “One village One product”
Hongyun Han, Zhen Yuan, and Kai Zou, pp. 922–940
Keywords: agricultural specialization; Internet and information technology; market access; One village; One product; O3; Q13

Threefold Ambidexterity of Agribusiness: Leadership, Market Orientation, and Structural Balance
Muhammad Waqas, Farzan Yahya, Ammar Ahmed, and José E. Muñoz Jr., pp. 941–963
Keywords: agribusiness firms; charisma; curvilinear relationship; humility; leadership; market orientation; organizational ambidexterity; D21; O32; Q13

Inclusive Growth Through Fair Trade: An Empirical Case of NGOs’ Involvement in China
Yanhua Sun, Ruoxin Li, Wen Zheng, and Hao Dong, pp. 964–983
Keywords: Fair Trade; inclusive growth; institutional voids; NGO; supply chain; L39

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