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2017 | VOLUME 20 ISSUE 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Editorial Staff  

Research Article  

Examining the strategy-performance link of Latin American businesses – a configurational approach
Esteban R. Brenes, Luciano Ciravegna, Caleb A. Pichardo   pp. 279–292

Keywords: emerging markets, Latin America, performance, QCA, strategy

External relationships and entrepreneurial orientation of tea manufacturing firms in Sri Lanka
Aruni Wickramaratne, Akira Kiminami, Hironori Yagi   pp. 293–306

Keywords: entrepreneurial infrastructure, entrepreneurial orientation, external relationships, Sri Lanka, tea manufacturing firms

Governance structures in smallholder pig value chains in Uganda: constraints and opportunities for upgrading
Emily Ouma, Justus Ochieng, Michel Dione, Danilo Pezo   pp. 307–319

Keywords: smallholder pig value chains, governance structures, transaction cost economics, vertical integration, upgrading, Uganda

CSR activities in the German poultry sector: differencing preference groups
Henrike Luhmann, Ludwig Theuvsen   pp. 321–334

Keywords: ACA, agribusiness, cluster analysis, CSR, consumers’ preferences

Pre-employment costs associated with H-2A agricultural workers and the effects of the ‘60-minute rule’
Fritz M. Roka, Skyler Simnitt, Derek Farnsworth   pp. 335–346

Keywords: farm labor, guest workers, citrus harvesting

Factors affecting cattle producers’ willingness to adopt an Escherichia coli O157:H7 vaccine: a probit analysis
Brian J. Ochieng’, Jill E. Hobbs   pp. 347–363

Keywords: binary probit, food safety, risk mitigation, technology adoption, locus of control, beef

Possibility of exporting halal-certificated food in Hokkaido, Japan: acceptance by Malaysian consumers
Satoko Kubota, Hiroichi Kono, Takuhiro Chiba

Keywords: export possibility, halal certification, food functionality, conjoint analysis, Malaysia

What do consumers think about farm animal welfare in modern agriculture? Attitudes and shopping behaviour
Heinke Heise, Ludwig Theuvsen pp. 379–399

Keywords: attitudes, consumers, cluster analysis, farm animal welfare, shopping behaviour

Influence of product type and individuals’ perceptions on the geographic boundary for local products
Madiha Zaffou, Alicia L. Rihn, Benjamin L. Campbell, Hayk Khachatryan, Omer Hoke pp. 401–414

Keywords: green industry, local labeling, produce

Case Study

Managing the pork supply chain through a cooperative: the case of Jinzhong Food Co. Ltd. *With Teaching Note
Chen Ji, Fu Jia, Jacques Trienekens pp. 415–426

Keywords: pork supply chain, farmer’s cooperative, case study

Industry Speaks

Management lessons learned in supply chain development: the experience of PICS bags in West and Central Africa  
Theodore Nouhoheflin, Jeanne Y. Coulibaly, Stephen D’Alessandro, Codjo C. Aitchédji, Maiyaki Damisa, Dieudonné Baributsa, James Lowenberg-DeBoer pp. 427–438

Keywords: PICS bags, supply chain development, cowpea, West and Central Africa, input distribution, hermetic storage, storage innovations

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