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2000  |  Volume 3  Issue 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review


Developing a Scale for Assessing Risk Attitudes of Agricultural Decision Makers
Sharon K. Bard and Peter J. Barry

Effects of Managers' Power on Capital Structure: A Study of Italian Agricultural Cooperatives
Carlo Russo, Dave Weatherspoon, Christopher Peterson and Massimo Sabbatini

ISO 9000--A Marketing Tool for U.S. Agribusiness
Carlos Capmany, Neal H. Hooker, Teofilo Ozuna, Jr and Aad van Tilburg

Nutrition Considerations in Food Selection
Arbindra P. Rimal, Stanley M. Fletcher and Kay H. McWatters

Farm Equipment Industry Performance: Past and Future
Bruce Bjornson and Jason Klipfel

How Soy Labeling Influences Preference and Taste
Brian Wansink, Sea Bum Park, Steven Sonka and Michelle Morganosky

Beef Producer Attitudes to Coordination and Quality Assurance in Canada and the UK
John Spriggs, Jill Hobbs and Andrew Fearne

Minimum Wage and Food Prices: An Analysis of Price Pass-Through Effects
Chinkook Lee, Gerald Schluter and Brian O'Roark

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