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International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

University of Georgia

Agribusiness Minor & MAB

Program Description

The Agribusiness major prepares students for professional careers in agribusiness marketing, management and finance through combining in-depth business concepts with real world application to the food and fiber industry. Agribusinesses process and market food and fiber products, supply inputs to agricultural production and manage agricultural production. Agribusiness majors learn economic principles and strategies for agribusiness marketing and management.

Agribusiness (MAB)

This degree is designed for students who wish to acquire specialized training in agribusiness. The program blends business and economics with the applied science of agriculture, providing methods for solving real-world problems. An internship and technical report are required in lieu of a thesis.

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Undergrad Coordinator: John Bergstrom  +1 706-542-0749
Graduate Coordinator: Jeffrey D. Mullen +1 706-542-0767


Athens, Georgia, USA


John Bergstrom:
Jeffrey D. Mullen:
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