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Scientific Research Symposium

Schedule of Events

Symposium Chairs: Jay Lillywhite, New Mexico State University
DeeVon Bailey, Utah State University

St. Paul, Minnesota, USA | June 14 - 15, 2015

Symposium Author Biographies 

Symposium Day 1

Case Study Workshop and Teaching Showcases

Co-Chairs: R. Brent Ross, Michigan State University, USA and Per Engelseth, Molde University College, Norway

The case method is an active learning tool which helps participants assess, analyze and act upon complex business issues. Cases effectively facilitate knowledge transfer. Whether you are looking for new business strategies or curious about how to share or teach others, you are sure to find some interesting.

The Symposium will showcase two unique teaching cases and a case methods workshop that utilize the Harvard-style teaching format. These sessions are hands-on and designed to stimulate group discussion. They are open to anyone interested in how they might utilize teaching cases and are willing to participate in the group discussions. A copy of the full cases to be discussed will be sent to participants who sign up in advance.

Case Study Showcase 1: Copersucar: A World Leader in Sugar and Ethanol  
Marcos Fava Neves, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil); Allan W. Gray and Brian Bourqard, Purdue University (USA)   

Case Study Showcase 2The Valldal Brand Strawberry Case 
Per Engeleth, Molde University College (Norway)  

Case Study Methods Workshop
A discussion of best practices and strategies for using cases in the classroom or a business setting.  


Sunday, June 14 | Session A | 2:00 - 3:30pm

Case Studies

Moderator: Christopher Peterson

Centrolac: Transforming the Milk Industry in Nicaragua (1193) 
Esteban R. Brenes, Carlos Martinez, and Caleb Andres Pichardo, INCAE Business School (Costa Rica)

Processed fresh Garlic for Export Markets: A Decision Case Study of the Stars Egypt for Export Company (1236) 
Alaa El din Abdelsabour Abdelrehim,  Minia University (Egypt), Daniel Warnock, Monsanto Company, and David Hahn, Ohio State University (USA)

A Study to Determine the Consumer Demand for Coffee Attributes in Region XII, Mindanao, Philippines (1315
Michelle Ragocos Ortez, Southern Christian College of Philippines (Phillipines); Nicole Evans, Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, and Tina Lee, University of Hawaii (USA) 

PRIDE Powered by mKRISHI® - A Way to Go Ahead (1329) 
Rajesh Laxmanrao Urkude, Tata Consultancy Services Limited (India)

Room 2 | Production Agriculture  1
Moderator: Michael Gunderson

Yangxuan Liu, Michael R Langemeier,  Purdue University; Ian M. Small,  Laura Joseph and William Earl Fry, Cornell University (USA)

Technology, Disease and Prevention of Animal Losses: The Value of Vaccination during 2010 Rift Valley Fever Outbreaks in Three Provinces of South Africa (1242) 
Zimbini Mdlulwa, Manana Rancho, Precious Makhosazana Tshabalala, Chiedza Tsvakirai, and Lowell Scarr,  Agricultural Research Council (South Africa)

The Effect of Storage and Infrastructure on Post-Harvest Loss in Northern Ghana (1340) 
Adam Hancock, Aleksan Shanoyan,  Yacob A. Zereyesus  Kara Ross and Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University (USA) 

Increasing Vegetable Research Investments to Ensure Sustained Food Security: The case of the South African vegetable industry (1240) 
Manana Rancho, Zimbini Mdlulwa, Precious Tshabalala, Chiedza Tsvakirai and Lowell Scarr, Agricultural Research Council (South Africa)

Room 3 | Production Agriculture  2
Moderator: Andre Louw

Management Level Evaluation In Distribution Channels Of Agricultural Inputs (1318) 
Eduardo Sandrini Simprini, Marcos Fava Neves, and Flavio Ruhnke Valério,  University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Fertilizer Use and Agricultural Productivity in Northern Ghana: The Effect of Transaction Costs in Accessing Input Markets (1336) 
Maxime Salin-Maradeix, Yacob A. Zereyesus, Kara Ross, Aleksan Shanoyan and Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University (USA)

Estimating the Economic Rate of Return to Plum Research in South Africa: The Role of Technology on Industry Growth and Food Security (1232) 
Precious Tshabalala, Chiedza Tsvakirai, Zimbini Mdlulwa, Manana Rancho, Frikkie Liebenberg and Lowell Scarr, Agricultural Research Council (South Africa)

Technical Efficiency Analysis Of Citrus Farms In Brazil (1219)  PPT
Marcelo José Carrer,  Hildo Meirelles de Souza Filho, and Fabiana Ribeiro Rossi, Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil) 

Room 4 | Food Security
Moderator: Gregory Baker

The Impact of Food, Nutrition, and Health on Youth in Michigan: An Examination of Traverse City Area Public Schools  (1303
Gerard Taylor,  Dave Weatherspoon , Marci Scott,  and Sarah Jones, Michigan State University (USA)

Food Security, Technology and Sustainable Development (1314) 
Bernardo Reynolds Pacheco de Carvalho,  University of Lisbon (Portugal)

Food Security in Argentina: A Production or a Distribution Problem (1247) 
Roberto Juan Feeney and Pablo Mac Clay, Austral University (Argentina)

The True Cost of a Meal for Low-Income Families (1347) 
Gregory A. Baker, Michael J. Harwood,  and Courtney N. Robinson, Santa Clara University (USA)

Room 5 | Export Markets / Finance
Moderator: Yuliya  Bolotova

Have Industrialized Countries Shut the Door and Left the Key Inside? Rethinking the Role of Private Standards in International Fruit Trade (1264
Winnie Sonntag ,  Verena Otter, Valerie Kersting  and  Ludwig Theuvsen, Georg-August-University of Goettingen (Germany)

Intergenerational Farm Transfers in the United States and South Africa: Comparative Analysis of Current Environment and Potential Implications for Various Facets of Economy  (1317) 
Iuliia Protopop, University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA) and  Wille de Jager, University of the Free State (South Africa) 

An Assessment of Argentina’s Inflation Based on Purchasing Power Parity Theory (PPP) and Soybean’s Price  (1304) 
Bernardo Celso R. Gonzalez, UPIS Faculdades Integradas and Andre Ferreira dos Santos, Caixa Economica Federal (Brazil)

An Empirical Analysis of Wholesale Cheese Pricing Practices on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) Spot Cheese Market (1215)  PPT
Yuliya  Bolotova, Clemson University and Andrew M. Novakovic, Cornell University (USA)

Sunday, June 14 | Session B | 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Room 1 | Consumers

Moderator: Mavis Owureku-Asare

Attitudes and Preferences of Kosovar Consumer towards Quality and Origin of Meat (1275)   PPT
Maurizio Canavari, Rungsaran Wongprawmas, University of Bologna (Italy); Drini Imami, Agriculture University of Tirana (Albania); Muje Gjonbalaj and Ekrem Gjokaj, University of Prishtina (Kosovo)

Food Movements in Germany: Slow Food and Dumpster Diving (1279) 
Amelie Nellen, Meike Rombach,  Matthias Salomon , and  Vera Bitsch, Technical University of Munich (Germany )

Consumer Perspectives on the Important Attributes of Peanut Butter: The Case of North Cotabato, Philippines (1313) 
Lusille C. Mission, Southern Christian College of Philippines (Philippines); Chan-Halbrendt, Nicole Evans  and Tina Lee, University of Hawaii (USA) 

Consumer Knowledge, Perceptions, Preference and Quality Assessment of Dried Tomato Products in Ghana (1213) 
Mavis Owureku-Asare, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology; Firibu Saalia, University of Ghana; Charles Tortoe, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Ibok Oduro, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (Ghana)

Room 2| Cooperatives
Moderator: Elena Garnevska

Emerging Business Models in Horticulture Value Chains: Frameworks for Entrepreneurs to Create Market Relevanceess Models in Horticulture Value Chains: Frameworks for Entrepreneurs to Create Market Relevance and Impact (1241) 
Gerry Kouwenhoven, Inholland University and Vijayender Reddy Nalla, RVJ Eurasia Food and Agro B.V. (The Netherlands)

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in the Case of Farmer Associations:  Dairy Farmers' Behavior during the German Milk Conflict (1352)   PPT
Vera Bitsch and Jan Alpmann,  Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Market Requirements and Supply Chain: A Multiple Case Study of Three Agri-food Cooperatives in Argentina  (1357) 

Fernando Anibal Mogni, Sebastián Ignacio Senesi, and Hernan Palau, University of Buenos (Argentina)

Non-traditional Cooperative Models: A Study of EastPack Cooperative in New Zealand (1351) 
Elena Garnevska , Massey University (New Zealand)

Room 3| Environment
Moderator: Jeremy Slade

Ensuring Resilience to Climate Change in a Changing Business Environment: A Rate of Return for South Africa's Peach and Nectarine Research (1257) 
Chiedza Tsvakirai, Precious Tshabalala, Manana Rancho, Zimbini Mdlulwa and Lowell Scarr,   Agricultural Research Council (South Africa)

Market-driven Land Use Change in the Brazilian Legal Amazonia (1267)  PPT
Paulo Rodrigo Ramos Xavier Pereira, Universidade Federal do Piauí / Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Heinrich Hasenack, Omar Benedetti, Homero Dewes, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Consumer Acceptance of Climate Adaptation Strategies in Australian Agribusiness (1203) 
Anoma Ariyawardana, University of Queensland; Lilly Lim-Camacho, CSIRO; Gemma Lewis, UTAS  (Tasmania) and Steven Crimp, CSIRO (Australia) 

Impact Assessment of the Adoption of INIAP’s Technology Packages: the Case of Barley in the Highlands of Ecuador (1341) 
Graciela Andrango (INIAP) and Unda Jose  (INIAP) 

Room 4 | Labor / Human Resources
Moderator: William Knudson

Smallholder Development and Participation in Output Markets: The Case of the Eastern Cape Province (1333) 
Ajuruchukwu Obi  and Mahali Elizabeth Lesala, University of Fort Hare (South Africa)

Unleashing Women's Productive Potential to Drive Economic Growth and Rural Development in Northern Ghana (1335) 
Elizabeth Gutierrez, Kara Ross, Yacob A. Zereyesus, Aleksan Shanoyan and Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University (USA)

Home Gardening as a Strategy for Food Security and Poverty Alleviation in Rural South Africa (1343) 
Bongiwe Mcata and Ajuruchukwu Obi University of Fort Hare (South Africa) 

Employment Issues Facing Michigan Dairy Farmers (1188) 
William Knudson, Michigan State University (USA)

Room 5 | Small Holder / Supply Chain
Moderator: Moraka Makhura

A Framework for Analyzing Coordination in African Agricultural Value Chains (1330) 
Ryan Vroegindewey,  Véronique Thériault and John Staatz, Michigan State University (USA)

Analysis of Profit Efficiency for Smallholder Irrigated Crop Enterprises in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa (1331) 
Ajuruchukwu Obi and Nyarai Margaret Mujuru, University of Fort Hare (South Africa)

Transaction Costs and Market Participation: Recent Evidence from Northern Ghana  (1339) 
Agness Mzyece, Aleksan Shanoyan, Yacob A Zereyesus, Kara Ross , and Vincent Amanor-Boadu, Kansas State University (USA)

Examining the Contribution of Entrepreneurial Spirit to the Performance of Smallholder Maize Producers in Mhlontlo Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa (1328)   PPT
Ajuruchukwu Obi and Richard Avuletey, University of Fort Hare (South Africa) 

Symposium Day 2

Monday, June 15  | Session C | 8:00 - 10:00am

Room 1 | Agribusiness
Moderator: Esteban R. Brenes

Ancient Maya Agriculture and the Development of Central American Economies (1230) 
Adam Parker, Richard Terry,  and Mark Hansen, Brigham Young University (USA)

Financial Performance of Agribusiness Companies With Different Ownership Structures: A Comparative Analysis of KRAFT and Land O'Lakes (1216)   
Yuliya V. Bolotova and Carl L. Womble, Clemson University (USA) 

New Player on the Block: the Entrance of an Oil and Gas Company into the Soybean Agribusiness System in Argentina (1355) 
Marcos F. Daziano and  Sebastian Senesi, University of Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Explaining the Performance of Latin American Businesses Using Causal Configurations (1194) 
Esteban R. Brenes, Luciano Ciravegna and Caleb Andres Pichardo, INCAE Business School (Costa Rica) 

Room 2 | Consumers
Moderator: Nic Lees

Coffee Differentiation Preferences Attributes: A Brazilian Perspective (1282) 
Eduardo Eugênio Spers, ESPM; Decio Zylbersztajn, School of Business - USP; Samuel Ribeiro Giordano, PENSA, Antonio Carlos Lima Nogueira, and Christiane Leles Rezende de Vita, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) 

Consumer Preference for Palm Oil in Urban Togo, Africa (1308) 
Nicole Evans and Chan-Halbrendt, University of Hawaii (USA)

Genetically Modified Labeling and the Implications for Consumers’ Willingness to Buy in the Brazilian Market: A Comparison between 2007 and 2014 (1285) 
Gabriela Toratti, Roberto Fava Scare,  Leonardo Silva Antolini, Dirceu Tornavoi de Carvalho and Jonny  Mateus Rodrigues,  University of São Paulo (Brazil) 

Communicating Credence Attributes of New Zealand Food Products to Consumers (1222) 
Nic Julian Lees and Caroline Saunders, Lincoln University (New Zealand)

Room 3 | Education
Moderator: Julie Pennington

Developing an Online Agribusiness Certificate for Sub-Saharan Africa  (1246)   PPT
Jeremy Slade, Stephen McGary, Garret Nelson and Avery Robertson, Brigham Young University-Idaho (USA) 

Measuring the Success of the Transfer and Dissemination of New Technologies' System in Ecuador (1327)
 Graciela Andrango; Jose Unda and Juan Manuel Dominguez, INIAP (Ecuador)

Comparative Advantages and Biofuel Policies in American and Caribbean Countries (1354) 
Ram N. Acharya and Rafael Pena, New Mexico State University (USA)

College Student Engagement in Market Research: Study Abroad in the Swaziland Big Game Parks (1307) 
Victoria Salin, Texas A&M University and Julie Pennington, The University of Tampa (USA)

Room 4 | Supply Chain
Moderator: Marcos Fava Neves

Effectiveness of a 'Whole of Chain' Approach in Rural Industry Development in Developing Countries: A Conceptual Frameworks for Analysis and Empirical Findings  (1280) 
Mubashir Mehdi, University of Agriculture Faisalabad (Pakistan) and Tony Dunne, University of Queensland (Australia) 

Food Supply Chain Losses and Waste: What are the Challenges for the Brazilian Soybean Industry? (1294)   PPT
Giana de Vargas Mores, Raquel Bernardon Toigo Giehl, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul; Bruno Rógora Kawano, University of São Paulo; and Homero Dewes, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)

Transformation of Agribusiness and Food Value Chains in India: Investment, Models and Challenges (1362)   PPT
Vasant P. Gandhi, Indian Institute of Management (India) 

Barter Operations In The Brazilian Sugar Cane Industry (1312) 
Flavio Ruhnke Valério,  Marcos Fava Neves  and Caio Augusto Mendonça Ribeiro do Valle, University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Room 5 | Food Security
Moderator: Eric Micheels

Enhancing Global Sustainability by Reducing Food Waste: Articulating and Assessing the Economic Challenges (1286)   PTT
Danyi Qi and Brian E. Roe, The Ohio State University (USA)

Evaluation the Impacts of Economic Indicators on Households Food Security in Iran (1278) 
Naser Shahnoushi Foroushani,  Parisa Alizadeh, Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad; Jalal Rahimi, University of Lorestan (Iran) 

Evaluation of the Socio-Economic Impact on the Adoption of Various Rainwater Harvesting and Conservation (RWH&C) Practices for Household Food Security: Case study of Krwakrwa village, Eastern Cape Province (1281) 
Thabiso Andries and Benedict Koatla, Agricultural Research Council-Institute of Soil, Climate and Water (South Africa) 

The Role of Two Strategic Resources - Entrepreneurial Orientation and Market Orientation - in Effectiveness of New Product Development and New Marketing Procedures (1265) 
Omid Mirzaei  and Eric Micheels, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Monday, June 15 | Session D | 10:00 am
 - 11:30 am

Room 1 | Case Studies
Moderator: Eric Thor

The Effects Of Food Safety Standards On Trade and Welfare: The Case Of EU Shrimp Imports (1325) 
Xiaoqian Li and Sayed Saghaian, University of Kentucky (USA) 

Regaining Trust in Greenhouse Vegetable Chains: New Market Mechanism for Price Formation as a Key Driver (1298) 
Olaf van Kooten, University of Inholland; Frances Brazier, Delft University of Technology; Pim van Adrichem, InHolland University; Caroline Nevejan, Delft University of Technology; Coen Hubers, InHolland University (The Netherlands)

The Role of Technology in Food Security (Case Study: Iran) (1262) 
Naser Shahnoushi Froshani and Mahboubeh Narouei, Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad (Iran) 

Global Food Security, Supply Chains, Conflict Resolution, and Safety in Expanding Agribusiness Value Supply Chains in CANAMEX and the APEC Agribusiness RTA’s (Regional Trade Agreements)  (1196) 
Eric P. Thor, Arizona State University  and Janet P. Wertsch, Arizona Ag Mediation Institute (USA)

Room 2 | Supply Chain
Moderator: Dennis Conley

A Model for Chinese and U.S. Infant Formula Regulation Harmonization (1291) 
Jing Lu, Chad Laux and Rylan Chong, Purdue University (USA) 

Supply Chain Networks and Agribusiness Exports: An Empirical Analysis from ‘Co-opetition’ Perspective  (1211) 
Emilio Galdeano-Gómez and Juan Carlos Pérez-Mesa, Universidad de Almería (Spain)

Assessing the Socio-economic Determinants for Adoption of Conservation Agriculture Practices among Smallholder Farmers: A case Study in the Mid-hills of Nepal (1309
Jacqueline Halbrendt, Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, University of Hawaii at Manoa and Steven Allan Gray, University of Massachusetts (USA) 

U.S. Ethanol Production and an Emerging Export Market (1332) 
Dennis Conley, University of Nebraska - Lincoln (USA) 

Room 3 | Production 1
Moderator: Stephen McGary

How Sugarcane Farmers Choose Tractors: A Qualitative Approach (1250)  PPT
Guilherme Fagundes de Arruda, Roberto Fava Scare, Gabriela de Melo Marchi, and Leonardo Silva Antolini,  University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Adoption Of Precision Agriculture Technologies By Farmers: A Systematic Literature Review And Proposition Of An Integrated Conceptual Framework (1259) 
Leonardo Silva Antolini, Roberto Fava Scare and Agda Dias, University of São Paulo (Brazil) 

The Management Challenges Of Brazilian Grain Producers (1289) 
Roberto Fava Scare, University of São Paulo; Frederico Fonseca Lopes, Rodrigo Alvim Afonso, Markestrat; Flavio Ruhnke Valério and Janaína Gagliardi Bara, University of São Paulo  (Brazil)

Towards a New Capital Formation Series for Machinery in Agriculture: A Way to Improve Agricultural Productivity Measurements (1300)  PPT
Colleta Gandidzanwa, Frikkie Liebenberg and Johann Frederick Kirsten, University of Pretoria (South Africa)

Room 4 | Production 2
Moderator: Ram N. Acharya

Efficiency of Grain farms in Northern Ghana: A Nonparametric and Double Bootstrap Approach (1319) 
Frank Kyekyeku Nti, Kara Ross and Yacob A. Zereyesus, Kansas State University (USA) 

Building Absorptive Capacity in Production Agriculture (1337) 
Eric Micheels, University of Saskatchewan (Canada) 

Environmental Sustainability Assessment of Forage Sorghum (Sorghum Bicolor) and MULATO II Grass (Brachiaria Hybrid, CIAT 36087) in Belle Vue, Saint Kitts (1346) 
Paulette Bynoe and Denise Simmons, University of Guyana (Guyana) 

Land Ownership, Farm Size, and Farm Productivity: Evidence from Nepal (1353) 
Ram N. Acharya, New Mexico State University 

Room 5 | Market Chain
Moderator: Ernesto Gallo

Building Aligned and Committed Value Chain: Framework for Innoavtive Entrepreneur in Food & Agribusiness (1239) 
Gerry Kouwenhoven, Inholland University and Vijayender Reddy Nalla, RVJ Eurasia food and agro B.V. (The Netherlands) 

Determinants of the Adoption Of Irrigation Technologies By Citrus Growers of The State of São Paulo-Brazil (1237)   PPT
Fabiana Ribeiro Rossi, Hildo Meirelles de Souza Filho, and Marcelo José Carrer, Federal University of São Carlos (Brazil)

Promoting Entrepreneurship in the Pakistan’s Dairy Industry: An Empirical Testing of Two Predictive Models of Entrepreneurial Intentions (1226
Asif Yaseen, The University of Queensland (Australia) and Simon Somogyi, Dalhousie University (Canada) 

GATOF Project Equilibrium Isoquant and NPV Financial Robustness  (1229) 
J. Ernesto Gallo, Zamorano University (Honduras) 

Monday, June 15 | 11:30 am - 12:30 pm | Lunch


Interventions for Curbing Vitamin A Deficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa – A Review  (1217) 
Feyisayo Odunitan-Wayas, Michael Chimonyo, and Unathi Kolanisi, University of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

Impacts of Agricultural Fair Attendance on Public Perception of Animal Welfare in Production Agriculture  (1344) 
Bailey Schurr and Jay M. Lillywhite, New Mexico State University (USA) 

Analysis Of Cost And Expenses In A Mozzarella Production In Patos De Minas, Minas Gerais State, Brazil (1220) 
Pedro Henrique Rodrigues Amaral  and Fernando Caixeta Lisboa, Federal Institute of Education, Science and Technology of the Mining Triangle - Campus Uberlândia  (Brazil)

Updated Education and Talent Tools in Food and Agribusiness in Turbulent Times in the FTAA (Free Trade Areas of Americas), APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation), and EU (European Union)  (1197) 
Paul Davies, Royal Ag University (UK); Eric P. Thor, Arizona State University (USA); Jonathan Turner, Royal Ag University (UK); DeeVon Bailey, Utah State University (USA) 

The Map of Agriculture Open Data and Analytics Infrastructure as a  Research and Teaching Tool   
Charles Elworthy, University of Oxford and Map of Agriculture (England);  Julieta Miranda,  Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina); Alexander Graf von Kielmansegg, Royal Agriculture University (England); Tobias Ruiz Moreno – Map of Agriculture (England); Jacob Kluth, University of Illinois (USA); Michael St. Louis— University of Sasketchewan (Canada); Ed Harding – Map of Agriculture (England)

Monday, June 15 | Session E | 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm

Room 1 | Case Studies
Moderator: Francesco Braga

Consumer and Producers' Perception of Beef: A Study from Brazil and United States (1274) 
Juliana Chini, Eduardo Eugênio Spers, ESPM; Hermes Moretti Ribeiro da Silva, ESALQ; and Mirella Cais Jejcic de Oliveira, ESPM (Brazil)

Consumer Preferences on Handcrafted Calamansi Soap in North Cotabato, Philippines (1320) 
Jovelyn Bantilan, Southern Christian College, Upload Jobs for Mindanao, (Phillipines), Catherine Chan Halbrendt, Nicole Evans,  and Tina Lee, University of Hawaii (USA)

Is Public Investment In R&D Valuable? The ARC PPRI Weeds Research Division (1311)   PPT
Lowell Scarr, Agricultural Research Council (South Africa) 

Relational Exchange and Partnerships: The Ipanema Coffee Case (1224) 
Luciana Florencio Almeida  and Eduardo Eugênio Spers, ESPM Business School (Brazil)

Room 2 | Risk Management
Moderator: Sayed Saghaian

Dairy Farm Owners, their Resilience Attributes, and How they Relate to Their Perception and Management of Risk (1363) 
Federico Duranovich, Nicola Shadbolt, Elizabeth Dooley, David Gray, Massey University (New Zealand)

Predicting the Probability of Loan Default for an Agricultural Financial Institution (1288) 
Emile Salame (Lebanon) and Dennis Conley, University of Nebraska Lincoln (USA) 

Risk Management in End-to-End Food Chains: A Case Study of Tuna Supply from Indonesia (1233) 
Syarifuddin M. Parenreng, Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (Indonesia) and Per Engelseth, Molde University College (Sweden)

Market Power in the Poultry Sector in Turkey (1296) 
Sayed Saghaian, University of Kentucky (USA); Gökhan Özertan,  Bogaziçi University (Turkey); and Hasan Tekguc, Mardin Artuklu University (Turkey)

Room 3 | Cooperatives
Moderator: Jay Lillywhite

The Influence of Trust in the Nicaraguan Learning Alliance  on Capacity Development of Members and Other Influenced Groups (1244)  PPT
Dirk Hauke Landmann, Göttingen University (Germany) and Jean-Joseph  Cadilhon, International Livestock Research Institute (Kenya) 

Managing Co-operative Farming: A Case of Gambhira Collective Farming Society (1287)   PPT
N. T. Sudarshan Naidu, School of Management and Entrepreneurship, Shiv Nadar University (India) 

Profile and Efficiency of Sugar Cane Producers Associations in Brazil (1253) 
Luciano Thome Castro, Marcos Neves  and Roberto Fava Scare, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Dairy Farmers' Support of Horizontal Cooperation Among Dairy Processors: Conceptual Model and Empirical Test (1310
Birgit Schulze-Ehlers, Julie Schreiner  and Tim Viergutz,Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel (Germany)

Room 4 | Market Chains
Moderator: Roberto Feeney

Understanding Participation in Modern Supply Chains Under a Social Network Perspective – Evidence from Blackberry Farmers in the Ecuadorian Andes  (1245) 
Nico Herforth, Ludwig Theuvsen,  Georg-August-University of Goettingen (Germany); Wilson Vásquez, Universidad de las Américas (Educador); and Meike Wollni, Georg-August-University of Goettingen (Germany) 

Businesses and Donors Embrace Inclusive Value Chain Development: Why Not Teaming Up Together?  (1256) PPT
Woody Maijers, INHOLLAND University and Rem Neefjes, SNV Netherlands Development Organisation (The Netherlands)

Sustainable Mango Industry Development in Pakistan: A Value Chain Perspective (1269) 
Hammad Badar, Anoma Ariyawardana  and Ray Collins, The University of Queensland (Australia)

Modeling Price Expectation and Volatility Effects on Producer Behaviour: A Case of Namibian Beef Market (1348)  PPT
David Ifeanyi Uchezuba and Salomo Mbai, Namibian University of Science and Technology (Namibia) 

Room 5 | Agribusiness
Moderator: James White

An Actionable Plan for Educating Agribusiness Leadership Involved in Complex Problems (1214) 
Keith D. Harris, Kansas State University (USA)

Mergers and Acquisitions in US Agribusiness  (1299) 
Carlos Omar Trejo-Pech, Universidad Panamericana at Guadalajara (Mexico), Michael A. Gunderson, Michael Boehlje, and  Allan W. Gray,  Purdue University (USA) 

A Proposal of a Method for Citrus Tree Inventory and Crop Production Estimate
Vinicius Gustavo Trombin, Marcos Fava Neves, University of São Paulo, USP; Antonio Juliano Ayres, Fundecitrus; and José Carlos Barbosa, UNESP (Brazil)

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