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2015  |  Volume 18 Issue 4 

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Organic Producers Perspectives on California State Mandated Marketing Programs and Implications for a Federal Organic Promotion Order
Tina D. Cosentino and Gregory A. Baker

Consumer Interest in Meat Labelled Attributes: Who Cares?
Stefanella Stranieri and Alessandro Banterle

Who is Drinking Wine in the United States? The Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile of U.S. Wine Consumers (1972-2012 )
Emiliano C. Villanueva, Juan Sebastián Castillo-Valero, and Mª Carmen García-Cortijo

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty in the Case of Farmer Associations: Decision-Making of Dairy Farmers during the German Milk Conflict
Jan Alpmann and Vera Bitsch

Assessing Cash Holdings in Agribusiness
Carlos O. Trejo-Pech, Michael A. Gunderson, Timothy G. Baker, Allan W. Gray, and Michael D. Boehlje

Senior Management’s Influence on New Product Development Projects and Firm Performance in Small and Medium-Sized Food Companies
Andreas Lemmerer, Marina Zapilko, and Klaus Menrad

Market Intermediaries’ Ratings of Importance for Rosaceous Fruits’ Quality Attributes
R. Karina Gallardo, Huixin Li, Vicki McCracken, Chengyan Yue, James Luby, and James R. McFerson

Horizontal Arrangements and Competitiveness of Small-Scale Dairy Farmers in Paraná, Brazil
Marcel Moreira de Brito, Ferenc Istvan Bánkuti, Sandra Mara Schiavi Bánkuti, Geraldo Tadeu dos Santos, Júlio César Damasceno, and Ely Mitie Massuda

The Effects of Outcome Expectations on Individual’s Anxiety and Continued Usage of Mobile Devices: A Post-Adoption Study
Aslihan D. Spaulding, Kerry W. Tudor, and Pruthikrai Mahatanankoon

Firm Size, Contractual Problems and Organizational Decision-Making: Logistics for Perishable Goods
Silvia Andrés González-Moralejo, Pablo Muñoz Muñoz, and Juan Francisco López Miquel

Case Studies

The Case of Valldal Branded Strawberries
Per Engelseth
*Teaching Notes are available on request

Red Arrow Products Smokin’ Into the Future: Facing Changing Diets and New Challenges in the Food Industry
Keith D. Harris
*Teaching Notes are available on request

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