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Massey University, New ZEaland

Food and Agribusiness Management Programs - AgriCommerce

Program Description

As the primary industry in New Zealand, agribusiness has a key role in the national economy. With a small population, New Zealand agribusiness looks to the global market. Learn how the agribusiness industry, so far from its markets, meets the needs of consumers throughout the world. Graduate programs in Agribusiness have a strong applied and inter collegial emphasis, with a particular focus on the international aspects of food and agribusiness industries. Ongoing and recently completed research topics include "The Japanese Market for Organic Fruit and Vegetables", "European Importer Beliefs and Attitudes Towards Importing Fresh Apples From Chile", "The Growth and Impact of Dairy Co-operative Shares: A Farm Lending Perspective", "Export Market Potential for Value Added Agricultural Products in Sri Lanka: A Market Segmentation Approach"; and "Logistics and Supply Chain Management: A Study of Selected New Zealand Food Industries". Graduate students develop their course of study by selecting from a range of papers available in both the College of Business Studies and the College of Sciences, underscoring the inter collegial aspect of these programs. These programs are supported by highly qualified academics who have considerable experience in the food and agribusiness industry in New Zealand and overseas.

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Sherlie Gaynor, Undergrad Admin; Sherlie Gaynor, Grad Admin


New Zealand

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