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2005  |  Volume 8  Issue 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Executive Summaries


Arkansas Landlord Selection of Land-Leasing Contract Type and Terms

Ronald L. Rainey, Bruce L. Dixon, Bruce L. Ahrendsen, Lucas D. Parsch and RalphW. Bierlen

Economic Impacts of Animal Disease Management and Policy

Walter J. Armbruster

Animal Disease Economic Impacts: A Survey of Literature and Typology of Research Approaches

James Pritchett, Dawn Thilmany and Kamina Johnson

Producer Livestock Disease Management Incentives and Decisions

Christopher Wolf

Economic Modeling of Livestock Disease Outbreaks

Philip L. Paarlberg, John G. Lee and Ann H. Seitzinger

Public Policy, Invasive Species and Animal Disease Management

Daniel A. Sumner, José E. Bervejillo and Lovell S. Jarvis

Concluding Notes: Private and Public Economic Perspectives on Animal Disease: An Emerging Strategic Issue for Agribusiness Managers

Dawn Thilmany

Case Study

Decisions in Global Sourcing and Supply: Deep Red Canning Co.
James Mwai, David Hahn and Melchior Mlambiti
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