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Assessing the Status of the Global Dairy Trade


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Editor's Introduction

Assessing the Status of the Global Dairy Trade
Christopher G. Davis and William Hahn


Global Dairy Trade Situation and Outlook
Matthew Salois

Global Dairy Trade: Where are We, How Did We Get Here and Where are We Going?
Peter Vitaliano

The Effects of Panama Canal Expansion on US Dairy Trade Flows: West, East, and Gulf District Regions
Ekaterina Vorotnikova and Stephen Devadoss

Price Transmission in Global Dairy Markets
John Newton

Potential Impacts of Trans-Pacific Partnership on Japanese Cheese Imports
Christopher G. Davis

Implications of Trans-Pacific Partnership for the US Dairy Industry
Serhat C. Asci, Mechel Paggi and Fumiko Yamazaki

Estimating Restrictiveness of SPS Measures for China's Dairy Imports
Hongjun Tao, Jeff Luckstead, Liang Zhao, and Chaoping Xie

The Effects of Trade Liberalization on Dairy Trade and Domestic Milk Production in CARICOM
Carlisle A. Pemberton, Hazel Patterson-Andrews, and Afiya De Sormeaux

The Role of California and Western US Dairy and Forage Crop Industries in Asian Dairy Markets
William A Matthews, Georgi T. Gabrielyan, Daniel H. Putnam, and Daniel A. Sumner

Diversification in Spanish Dairy Farms: Key Drivers of Performance
Antonio Alvarez, Beatriz García-Cornejo, José A. Pérez-Méndez, and David Roibás

China as Dairy Importer: Rising Milk Prices and Production Costs
Fred Gale and Michael Jewison

Dairy Export Markets: Changing the Structure of US Dairy Demand
Don P. Blayney, Terry L. Crawford, and Christopher G. Davis

United States and European Union Dairy Farms: Where is the Competitive Edge?
Richard Nehring, Johannes Sauer, Jeffrey Gillespie, and Charlie Hallahan

Factors Influencing the Dairy Trade from New Zealand
Nicola Shadbolt and Dhananjay Apparao

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