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2017  |  VOLUME 20 ISSUE 5

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Industry Speaks 

When Amazon ate Whole Foods: big changes for Big Food
Kate Phillips-Connolly and Aidan J. Connolly  pp. 615–622

Keywords: Big Food, millenials, Amazon, Whole Foods, food supply chain

Research Articles

U.S. milled rice markets and integration across regions and types
Man-Keun Kim, Hernan Tejeda, T. Edward Yu   pp. 623–636

Keywords: price markets, cointegration, impulse response functions

The effects of price promotion on relative virtue and vice food products  
Josefa Parreño-Selva, Francisco J. Mas-Ruiz, Enar Ruiz-Conde   pp. 637–654

Keywords: light product, regular product, relative virtues and vices, price promotions

Zero-inflated ordered probit approach to modeling mushroom consumption in the United States
Yuan Jiang, Lisa A. House, Hyeyoung Kim, Susan S. Percival   pp. 655–672

Keywords: fresh and processed mushrooms, zero-inflated ordered probit model, consumption behaviors, double hurdle model

Cooperation among Ugandan farmers: cultivating social capital
J.L. Morrow Jr., Richard Patrick Joyce III, William J. McMahon, Antonio M. DeMaia, S. Caleb McVicker, Ashley E. Parsons, Kristin Wilcox   pp. 673–688

Keywords: farmer cooperative formation, Uganda, social capital, social benefits

The mediated partnership model for sustainable coffee production: experiences from Indonesia
Atika Wijaya, Pieter Glasbergen, Surip Mawardi   pp. 689–708

Keywords: mediated partnership, sustainable coffee, collaborative governance, production network, Indonesia

Exploring the applicability of a sustainable smallholder sourcing model in the black soybean case in Java
August R. Sjauw-Koen-Fa, Vincent Blok, Onno Omta   pp. 709–728

Keywords: agribusiness, CSR, smallholder inclusion, sustainable sourcing, value chain

Understanding the determinants of adoption of enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology within the agri-food context: the case of the Midwest of Brazil
Caetano Haberli Jr, Tiago Oliveira, Mitsuru Yanaze   pp. 729–746

Keywords: enterprise resources planning, ERP technology, management models, agribusiness

An empirical investigation of patent and trademark ownership propensity and intensity in the U.S. food and drink industry
Jasper Grashuis, Stanley Kojo Dary   pp. 747–764

Keywords: food and drink industry, intellectual property, patents, trademarks, panel analysis

Analyzing job satisfaction and preferences of employees: the case of horticultural companies in Germany
Stephan G.H. Meyerding   pp. 765–788

Keywords: social sustainability, human resources management, employee well-being, horticulture, vitamin model

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