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Membership Benefits 

Industry Members

IFAMA provides networking opportunities with the world’s foremost business, academic, government and NGO representatives in a environment conducive to thoughtful and open exchange. Participation in these interactive forums also offers industry executives the opportunity to evaluate current trends impacting the global food system and develop business strategies for the future.

The diverse makeup of our organization enables us to have a major impact in the area of human capital development. IFAMA facilitates business-student interactions and networking opportunities; facilitates mentoring and internship opportunities; promotes food and agribusiness as an industry of choice; and brings about employment opportunities for food and agribusiness students by bringing new talent to IFAMA’s members.

Strategic Alliances between IFAMA and other organizations in the food and agribusiness industry are designed to provide insights into the future; access and input into those who formulate policy, decide strategy and set research agendas. Alliances facilitate the open exchange of information and view points.

Academic Members

Academic members can share new ideas on teaching methods and research with industry, government representatives and industry colleagues from around the world. Through publication in IFAMR, presenting at the Symposium and networking through IFAMA members advance their careers, teaching and research.

Government, NGOs & Consumer Group Members

IFAMA provides a neutral platform for discussion of issues facing the global food system and how policies and external forces affect management decisions. Members have the opportunity to exchange views, test ideas and discuss strategies in an open dialogue.

Student Members

IFAMA provides an opportunity to interact with agribusiness executives, government officials and leading academics, which can provide a source for relevant and timely topics for research and potential employment. Students can also participate in the IFAMA Student Case Competition to showcase their skills for potential employers.

What makes IFAMA unique?

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