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2009  |  Volume 12  Issue 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Executive Summaries

Editorial Team


The Japanese Market for Imported Fruit Juices

Shiferaw T. Feleke and Richard L. Kilmer

Implications of Trade Liberalization and Domestic Reforms on EU Agricultural Markets

Jyrki Niemi

Farmer Acceptance of Genetically Modified Seeds in Germany: Results of a Cluster

Amos Gyau, Julian Voss, Achim Spiller, and Ulrich Enneking

Assessing Consumer Preferences for Organically Grown Fresh Fruit and Vegetables in Eastern New Brunswick

Morteza Haghiri, Jill E. Hobbs and Meaghan L. McNamara

Do Private Labels Generate Loyalty? Empirical Evidence for German Frozen Pizza

Nadine Wettstein, Stephan Brosig, Thomas Glauben, Jon H. Hanf, and Jens-Peter Loy
2009 IAMA World Symposium - Best Paper Finalist

Are Traditional Cooperatives an Endangered Species? About Shrinking Satisfaction, Involvement and Trust

Jerker Nilsson, Anna Kihlén, and Lennart Norell

Toward Better Defining the Field of Agribusiness Management

Desmond Ng and John W. Siebert

World Soybean Production: Area Harvested, Yield, and Long-Term Projections

Tadayoshi Masuda and Peter D. Goldsmith

Trade-offs between Shopping Bags Made of Non-degradable Plastics and Other Materials, Using Latent Class Analysis: The Case of Tianjin, China

Catherine Chan-Halbrendt, Di Fang, and Fang Yang

Case Studies

Strategic Decision Making Under Uncertainty: Innovation and New Technology Introduction during Volatile Times

Michael Boehlje and Maud Roucan-Kane
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