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University of New england

Undergrad, Graduate Agribusiness Degree Programs

Program Description

The Centre for Agribusiness offers bold, creative and sustainable solutions to big questions of food industry performance, global food security and best management practice. It is a platform from which we are able to reimagine data to facilitate innovation in the sector.

By connecting people, research, industries, and government, the Centre will supply the tools and support to imagine, create, share and commercialise a broad range of ideas, supporting leadership to steer agribusiness into a strong future.

Future food and fibreHands holding grain

The products, processes, markets and governments of the future are predictable and able to be influenced. This presents unprecedented opportunities for agribusiness. The Centre leads agribusiness in identifying and understanding that future and defining the paths towards it.


The World has no shortage of technologies with which to address the opportunities and challenges of the future. Many of them await commercial application and uptake by agribusiness stakeholders. The Centre helps industry to recognise and apply technologies, as well as the sustainable business models needed to employ them to good effect.

Value chain information

Recent technological advances centre on information by way of measurement, recording, transmission, analysis, sharing and dissemination. Agribusiness is more affected by these developments than any other industry, but less equipped than most to benefit from it. The Centre leads, guides and analyses information flows for a better agribusiness industry.

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Professor Derek Baker, Director/Centre for Agribusiness

+61 2 6773 2627


Armidale, NSW, Australia


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