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2011  |  Volume 14 Issue 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

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Editorial Team

Executive Editor Note


Sustainability Strategies in U.S. Agribusiness: Understanding Key Drives, Objectives, and Actions

Amber Rankin, Allan W. Gray, Michael D. Boehlje, and Corinne Alexander
IFAMA 2011 Symposium Best Paper  – 1st Place Winner

Attitudes of Maltese Consumers Towards Quality in Fruit and Vegetable in Relation to Their Food Relate Lifestyles

Marco Dimech, Vincenzina Caputo and Maurizio Canavari
IFAMA 2011 Symposium Best Paper–Marketing Strategy

Effective Marketing of Hass Avocado: The Impacts of Changing Trade Policy an Promotion Information Programs

Hoy Carman and Richard Sexton  *Author video
IFAMA 2011 Symposium Best Paper–Communication Strategy

Approaches for Selecting Product Innovation Projects in U.S. Food and Agribusiness Companies

Maud Roucan-Kane Allan W. Gray and Michael D. Boehlje  *Author video

Factors for Successful Development of Farmer Cooperatives in Northwest China

Elena Garnevska, Guozhong Liu and Nicola M. Shadbolt

Performance of Smallholder Agriculture Under Limited Mechanization and the Fast Track Land Reform Program in Zimbabwe

Ajuruchukwu Obi and Future Fortune Chisango

Back to the Future? Understanding Change in Food Habits of Farmers' Market Customers

Stefano Pascucci, Clara Cicatiello, Silvio Franco, Barbara Pancino, and Davide Marino

Large Commercial Producer Market Segments for Agricultural Capital Equipment

Maud Roucan-Kane, Corinne Alexander, Michael D. Boehlje, Scott W. Downey, and Allan W. Gray

Management System for Harvest Scheduling: The Case of Horticultural Production in Southeast Spain

Juan Carlos Perez Mesa, Emilio Galdeano Gomez and Jose A. Aznar Sánchez   *Author video

The Triple Bottom Line: What is the Impact on the Returns to Agribusiness?

Joshua D. Detre and Michael A. Gunderson

Analyzing the Competitive Performance of the South African Wine Industry
Johan Van Rooyen, Dirk Esterhuizen and Lindie Stroebel

The Impact of Ethanol Production on Spatial Grain Market Relationships

Karen E. Lewis and Glynn T. Tonsor

Industry Speaks

Financing Chain Associations

Marcos Fava Neves, Carla Cristina Martoni Pereira Gomes, and Vinicius Gustavo Trombin

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