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2012  |  Volume 15-B  Special Issue  part one

Managing Wicked Problems in Agribusiness: 
The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Engagements in Value Creation

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Table of Contents
Executive Editor Note

Managing Wicked Problems in Agribusiness: The Role of Multi-Stakeholder Engagements in Value Creation
Domenico Dentoni, Otto Hospes, and R. Brent Ross

Chapter 1.  Managing Multi-Stakeholder Engagement through Partnerships

Partnering for Change in Chains: the Capacity of Partnerships to Promote Sustainable Change in Global Agrifood Chains

Verena Bitzer

Parallel Development of Five Partnerships to Promote Sustainable Soy in Brazil: Solution or Part of Wicked Problems?

Otto Hospes, Olga van der Valk, and Jennie van der Mheen-Sluijer

Private Multi-stakeholder Governance in the Agricultural Market Place: An Analysis of Legitimization Processes of the Roundtables on Sustainable Palm Oil and Responsible Soy

Greetje Schouten and Pieter Glasbergen

Wicked Problems in Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security, the TransForum Experience

Henk C. van Latesteijn and Rudy Rabbinge

Chapter 2.

Key Drivers of Multi-Stakeholder Engagements Building Capabilities for Multi-Stakeholder Interactions at Global and Local Levels: An Executive Interview with: Jan Kees Vis, Bert Torn and Anniek Mauser

Domenico Dentoni and Margreeth Veldhuizen

Dutch Logistics Service Providers and Sustainable Physical Distribution: Searching for Focus

Reinder Pieters, Hans-Heinrich Glöckner, Onno Omta and Stef Weijers

Chapter 3.  Grand Views on Managing Multi-Stakeholder Engagement and Wicked Problems

More than Coping: Thriving in a World of Wicked Problems

Sandra Waddock

NGO-Business Interaction for Social Change: Insights from Oxfam’s Private Sector Programme

Luli Pesqueira and Johan Verburg

Can Agribusiness Feed 3 Billion New People…and Save the Planet? A GLIMPSE into the Future

Aidan J. Connolly and Kate Phillips-Connolly

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