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2007  |  Volume 10  Issue 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Association

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Executive Summaries

Editorial Team


What Adds Value in Specialty Coffee? Managerial Implications from Hedonic Price Analysis of Central and South American E-Auctions
M. Laura Donnet, Dave D. Weatherspoon, and John P. Hoehn
2007 IAMA Symposium, Best Paper Award - 1st Place

Economic Analysis of Incentives for Foreign Direct Investment in Beef Systems in Argentina and Uruguay

Eric Thor, III, DeeVon Bailey, Alejandro R. Silva, and Steven S. Vickner
2007 IAMA Symposium, Best Paper Award - Finalist

EU-China Agricultural Trade in Relation to China’s WTO Membership

Jyrki Niemi and Ellen Huan-Niemi
2007 IAMA Symposium, Best Paper Award - Finalist

Fruit and Vegetable Consumption among College Students in Arkansas and Florida: Food Culture vs. Health Knowledge

Christiane Schroeter, Lisa House, and Argelia Lorence
2007 IAMA Symposium, Best Paper Award - Finalist

The Role and Success Factors of Livestock Trading Cooperatives: Lessons from German Pork Production

Ludwig Theuvsen and Annabell Franz
2007 IAMA Symposium, Best Paper Award - Finalist

Industry Interview

International Trade, Consumer Behavior and Trust: Factors Affecting Agribusinesses in Developing Countries
Executive Interview: Ronald D. Hampton
Chair and Associate Professor of Marketing University of Nebraska

Ingrid Fromm and Bonani Nyhodo

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