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Post-Conference Agri-Tours
Friday, June 20, 2024

We have some fun and educational full or half day post-conference agri-tours planned for you. Learn how the Almería region produces vast amounts of food with relatively little water and how it transformed the agriculture sector using innovative and sustainable growing methods. Agri-tour tickets available here.

Full-Day Tours

Integrated Pest Management, R&D, Seeds & Cooperatives
Duration: 9:00–15:30     Cost: $100 USD

Koppert Biological. Are you interested in seeing how nature’s own biological processes can be used to protect crops? Koppert will show visitors how they manage pests and diseases through beneficial insects and microorganisms to improve crop health, minimize chemical pesticides, and enhance ecosystem balance.  

Bayer Vegetable Seeds R&D Center of Excellence will provide a tour of its cell biology laboratories, phytotrons, and a state-of-the-art technological greenhouse. You will get a firsthand look at the production process of double haploid plants. Learn how this technology contributes to the efficiency and quality of vegetable breeding pipelines.

Lunch: Restaurante El Edén, 13:30

Beyond Seeds is a group of six biotechnology companies that provide cutting-edge products and services for the agri-food and health sectors. The headquarters and R&D center is located on the campus of the University of Almería. It has a technical production, logistics center, and an experimental station.

UNICA is an  integrative group of cooperative members that produce vegetables, leaf,  melons, fruits and snacks for export. An integrated project aimed at improving your profitability, for all stakeholders. 

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nnovative greenhouse farming, irrigation, nursery, and salads
Duration: 10:30–15:30     Cost: $100 USD

Novagric’s advanced agricultural technology includes precision farming tools, automation technologies, and biotech innovations aimed to enhance productivity and sustainability. Through leveraging real-time data analytics and cutting-edge technologies, Novagric is able to empower farmers so they can make informed decisions, and thus optimize resources while minimizing environmental impact. 

Lunch: Location TBA

Primaflor is a company born in Almería.  It is a leading producer and the main provider of salads for McDonald’s in Europe. During this visit, you will get to see the manufacturing facility for their salad brand “Mimaflor”, and the nursery of pak choi. Primaflor delivers premium produce while minimizing its environmental impact. Through continuous R&D, the company remains at the forefront of the agricultural industry, meeting consumer demands for excellence and freshness.

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Half-Day Tours

Seeds and Technology
Duration: 9:00–14:00     Cost: $64 USD

Sakata Seed Corporation specializes in developing high-performance seeds for vegetables, flowers, and ornamental plants. During this visit, we will visit their Research Center, where you will learn about seed improvement and seed extraction while you visit their labs and experimental fields. 

Tecnova specializes in horticulture, agricultural technology, and sustainable farming practices. See its cutting edge laboratories, greenhouses, and experimental fields. Tecnova conducts pioneering research to develop resilient crop varieties, optimize irrigation techniques, and explore precision agriculture solutions.

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Research, Seeds and Biostimulants
Duration: 10:30–15:30     Cost: $64 USD

The Bayer Vegetable Seeds R&D Center of Excellence in San Nicolas stands as a beacon of innovation in agricultural science. Their R&D teams work around the globe to enhance productivity on the farm and drive logistical solutions throughout the entire value chain. In this tour, you will see cell biology laboratories, phytotrons and a state-of-the-art technological greenhouse. See the production process of double haploid plants and learn about benefits that this technology brings to the efficiency and quality of vegetable breeding pipelines, with an ultimate goal of ensuring that more people have access to tasty and nutrient-rich fresh vegetable produce.

Biorizon Biotech develops biostimulants and biopesticide products for agriculture based on microalgae, bacteria and plant extracts. Their first international commercial biostimulants based on microalgae, is ALGAFERT®. Its evolution in recent years has positioned it as one of the international benchmarks in the auxiliary industry in sustainable agriculture.

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nnovating farming techniques utilizing integrated pest management to address climate change, water scarcity—sustainably
Duration: 9:00–15:00     Cost: $64 USD

Biobest, a pioneering company specializing in biological crop protections that provides natural alternatives to chemical pesticides. A greenhouse tour will show how beneficial insects like predatory mites and parasitoids control pests while preserving ecological balance and how Biobest uses bumblebees for efficient pollination. Biobest plays a crucial role in sustainable agriculture worldwide because of its focus on biodiversity and environmental stewardship.

Estación Experimental Las Palmerillas, operated by Cajamar, is a prominent agricultural research institution in Almería, Spain, featuring cutting-edge laboratories, greenhouses, and experimental fields. Researchers conduct comprehensive studies aimed at developing innovative farming techniques, improving crop varieties, and implementing sustainable agricultural practices. The center addresses pressing challenges, such as climate change, water scarcity, and pest management. 

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