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2020  |  VOLUME 23 ISSUE 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Spanish Muslims’ halal food purchase intention

Mahir Pradana, Rubén Huertas-García, Frederic Marimon, pp. 189–202

Keywords: halal food, halal marketing, religious involvement, purchase intention, structural equation model

Farm expansion under credit constraint: evidence from commercial rice farmers in Guangxi, China

Xinjian Chen, Di Zeng, Hui Zhang, Chen Kang, pp. 203–216

Keywords: credit constrains, farm size, farm expand, rice farmer, China

Farmer satisfaction and cocoa cooperative performance: evidence from Tocache, Peru

Angie Higuchi, Daniel Coq-Huelva, Ruth Arias-Gutierrez, Rafaela Alfalla-Luque, pp. 217–234

Keywords: cocoa, cooperative, Peru, exploratory factor analysis, cluster analysis

Characterization of farmers’ management practices and strategies: a comparison between Argentine and U.S. farmers

Z. Mati Mohammadi, Pablo Mac Clay, Roberto Feeney, Pedro Harmath, Masi Keshavarz, Michael A. Gunderson, pp. 235–252

Keywords: Farmers’ characteristics, management strategies, large commercial producer, cross-country comparison, Argentina, United States

Implementation of Internet of Things depends on intention: young farmers’ willingness to accept innovative technology

Jui-Hsiung Chuang, Jiun-Hao Wang, Chaoyun Liang, pp. 253–266

Keywords: Internet of Things, smart agriculture, technology acceptance model, technological innovation, young farmer

Assessing the performance of regional soybean prices in Ghana

Edward Martey, Nicolas Gatti, Peter Goldsmith, pp. 267–282

Keywords: soybean, cointegration, price transmission, time series, vector auto regression

Identifying risk in production agriculture: an application of best-worst scaling

Cosmos Atta, Eric T. Micheels, pp. 283–300

Keywords: risk, risk management, best-worst scaling, latent class cluster

Review Articles

Chinese consumers’ willingness to pay for organic foods: a conceptual review

Rui Li, Chien-Hsing Lee, Yu-Ting Lin, Chi-Wei Liu, pp. 173–188

Keywords: willingness to pay, Chinese consumers, organic foods

Case Study

Bonusz Agro Cooperative: loan options

Tamas Mizik, pp. 301–312

Keywords: cooperative, case study, finance, investment, collateral

Peppers & More1: a teaching case in organizational behavior

Meike Rombach, Shema E. Paul, Lukas F. Niedermann, Vera Bitsch, pp. 313–318

Keywords: communication, conflict, horticulture, job rotation, job satisfaction, organizational structure, work motivation

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