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2021  |  VOLUME 24 ISSUE 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Dynamic price relationships and price discovery among cheese markets

Hernan A. Tejeda, Man-Keun Kim, pp. 1–13

Keywords: cheese industry, cheese markets, dynamic cheese price relationship, price discovery process, price decouplment

An attribution analysis of soybean price volatility in China: global market connectedness or energy market transmission?

Youwang Zhang, Chongguang Li, Yuanyuan Xu, Jian Li, pp. 15–25

Keywords: soybean price, price transmission, soybean trade, energy market, transportation costs 

Future and recent developments in the retail vegetable category – a value chain and food systems approach

Fredrik Fernqvist, Caroline Göransson, pp. 27–49

Keywords: value chain, food systems, trends, vegetables, retail

Sustainable value: the perspective of horticultural producers in Arctic Norway

Hilde Halland, Giovanna Bertella, Ingrid Kvalvik, pp. 51–70

Keywords: sustainable food production, SAFA, farmers’ perspective, horticulture, arctic food 

Market simulations of consumer preferences for the introduction of GM tomatoes

Joshua Berning, Benjamin L. Campbell, pp. 71–88

Keywords: genetically modified, conjoint analysis 

Understanding the job-hopping syndrome among millennial employees in the U.S. food and agribusiness sector: a national survey

Iuliia Tetteh, Aslihan Spaulding, Marina Ptukhina, pp. 89–104

Keywords: millennial employees, job-hopping, work-life balance, employee satisfaction, professional development and growth 

Does higher market power necessarily reduce efficiency? Evidence from Chinese rice processing enterprises

Jiawu Dai, Yuchen Feng, Xiuqing Wang, Guang Yuan, pp. 105–119

Keywords: market power, cost efficiency, quiet life hypothesis 

Effects of information on social trust in farmers regarding animal welfare

Sabine Gross, Jutta Roosen, pp. 121–137

Keywords: salient value similarity, social trust, animal welfare, information treatment 

Case Studies

Mantiqueira: innovating and disrupting in the egg business

Marcos Fava Neves, Allan Wayne Gray, Carlos Eduardo Lourenço, Francisco Albert Scott, pp. 138–161

Keywords: egg production, marketing, business strategy, product development, cage-free production 

Sustaining supply chain relationships for co-operative success: the case of South Devon Organic Producers Co-operative (UK)

Adrian R. Bailey, Jia Fu, Hao Dong, Tomas Sparano Martins, pp. 162–178

Keywords: agriculture, co-operative, farmer, organic, supply chain 

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