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2020  |  VOLUME 23 ISSUE 3

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Can China’s food production capability meet her peak food demand in the future? Based on food demand and production capability prediction till the year 2050

Du Yuneng, Xu Youliang, Zhang Leiyong, Song Shufang, pp. 1–17

Keywords: food supply, food demand, food production capability, China

Should traders be blamed for soaring food prices in Ethiopia? Evidence from wholesale maize markets

Mesay Yami, Ferdi Meyer, Rashid Hassan, pp. 19–33

Keywords: asymmetry, cointegration, food prices, maize, smallholder

Board gender diversity and firm performance: evidence from the Russian agri-food industry

Alisher Tleubayev, Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Taras Gagalyuk, Thomas Glauben, pp. 35–53

Keywords: corporate governance, board of directors, gender diversity, firm performance, Russia

The role of multinational corporations in local dairy value chain development: case of Friesland Campina WAMCO (FCW) in Nigeria

Ogbuagu Ekumankama, Abel Ezeoha, Chibuike Uche, pp. 55–69

Keywords: FrieslandCampina, MNCs, dairy industry, local value chain, integration, government policies, Nigeria

Dynamic impacts of farm-level technology adoption on the Brazilian dairy supply chain

Andre Rozemberg Peixoto Simões, Charles Frederick Nicholson, Andrew M. Novakovic, Roberto Max Protil, pp. 71–84

Keywords: dairy, system dynamics, technology adoption, Brazil, milk supply

Consumer segmentation in the German meat market: purchasing habits

Wiebke Pirsich, Katharina Wellner, Ludwig Theuvsen, Ramona Weinrich, pp. 85–103

Keywords: consumer segmentation, store format choice, meat packaging, consumer attitudes, multinomial logistic regression

Diversification through ‘fun in the farm’: analyzing structural factors affecting agritourism in Tennessee

Aditya R. Khanal, Ummey Honey, Omobolaji Omobitan, pp. 105–120

Keywords: agritourism, structural factors, spatial models, location, fun in the farm, diversification, recreational

Sustainable rice farming systems: farmer attribute and land ecosystem perspectives

Bo Hou, Eugene Burgos Mutuc, Linhai Wu, Hsiu-Yu Lee, Kun-Hwa Lu, pp. 121–141

Keywords: farmer socio-economic attributes, agribusiness, rice farming, Philippines

Case Studies

Sojagnon: shaping the Beninese soy system to meet the challenges of an emerging market

Mênouwesso Harold Hounhouigan, Ken M.G. Kounouewa, Connetie Ayesiga, Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, pp. 143–156

Keywords: value chain, marketing system, soybean, processors, traders

Adoption of e-commerce by the agri-food sector in China: the case of Minyu e-commerce company

Xiaoshan Yang, Xiaowei Chen, Yan Jiang, Fu Jia, pp. 157–171

Keywords: agricultural, food sector, e-commerce, China, business model, teaching case

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