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2022  |  VOLUME 25 ISSUE 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Students’ perception towards IFAMA agribusiness case study competition: do culture, discipline, and training experience matter?

Zhanguo Zhu, Chung-Chou Tsai, Yue Wang, pp. 555–570

Keywords: case study competition, agribusiness, culture, discipline, training experience

Information interventions and health promotion behavior: evidence from China after cadmium rice events

Jiehong Zhou, Jing Zhang, Li Zhoui, pp. 571–586

Keywords: information interventions, food safety, consumer behavior, health promotion, China 

Impacts of work attitude of outsourcing services on food losses: evidence from rice harvest in China

Xue Qu, Daizo Kojima, Laping Wu, Mitsuyoshi Ando, pp. 587–599

Keywords: farm scale, food losses, moral hazard, outsourcing service, rice harvest

Why can’t the supply chain keep up with organic bakery product demand? Understanding miller, distributor, and baker organic wheat quality perceptions and needs

Tatiana Drugova, Kynda R. Curtis, pp. 601–617

Keywords: grain marketing, organic, quality, supply chains, wheat 

Broiler production systems in Ghana: economics and the impact of frozen chicken imports

Craig Chibanda, Mohamad Isam Almadani, Petra Thobe, Christine Wieck, pp. 619–634

Keywords: broilers, chickens, imports, production systems 

Risk and return of heterogenous farmland locations and qualities

Ashraf Noumir, Michael Langemeier, pp. 635–650

Keywords: farmland, farmland quality, minimum-variance (min-var) portfolio, reward-to-risk ratio, capital asset pricing model (CAPM)

Exploring multiple drivers of cooperative governance: a paired case comparison of vegetable growing cooperatives in the UK and China

Qiao Liang, Han Dong, Adrian R. Bailey, Weibin Hu, Fu Jia, pp. 651–670

Keywords: farmer cooperative, governance attribute, member heterogeneity, legislation, culture

Impact of smartphone use on production outsourcing: evidence from litchi farming in southern China

Yi Cai, Yucheng Sun, Wene Qi, Famin Yi, pp. 671–682

Keywords: smartphone, agricultural production outsourcing, genetic matching, litchi growers, rural China 

Crop protection market segmentation: relationship between buyer segments and the use of digital sales channels

Dorothee Schulze Schwering, Anna Hollenbeck, Saskia Krone, Achim Spiller, Dominic Lemken, pp. 683–702

Keywords: farm inputs, agri-chemical, cluster analysis, purchasing behavior, omni-channel

Case Study

Sustainable value creation – a farm case on business model innovation

Fredrik Fernqvist, Vera Sadovska, Per-Anders Langendahl, pp. 543–554

Keywords: agribusiness, business model, strategy, competencies, management

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