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2019  |  VOLUME 22 ISSUE 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

Management of socioenvironmental factors of reputational risk in the beef supply chain in the Brazilian Amazon region

Tharic Pires Dias Galuchi, Fabricio Pini Rosales, Mario Otavio Batalha, pp. 155–171

Keywords: Supply chain risk management, reputational risk, sustainability, cattle, Brazilian Amazon 

The determinants of recent soybean expansion in Mato Grosso, Brazil

Otávio Lemos de Melo Celidonio, Liane S. Werner, Juliana Dias Bernardes Gil, pp. 173–191

Keywords: land use change, agricultural expansion, soybean, Brazil

Resource complementarities in R&D network for innovation performance: evidence from the agricultural sector in Brazil and Spain

Cleidson Nogueira Dias, Valmir Emil Hoffmann, María Teresa Martínez-Fernández, pp. 193–213

Keywords: innovation performance, agricultural technology, resource-based view, R&D networks, qualitative comparative analysis (QCA)

Profitability on dairy farms with automatic milking systems compared to farms with conventional milking systems

Bjørn Gunnar Hansen, Hans Olav Herje, Jonas Höva, pp. 215–228

Keywords: automatic milking systems, conventional milking systems, profitability, gross farm income from dairy cows, transition period

How do consumers search for and process corporate social responsibility information on food companies’ websites?

Denise Gider, Ulrich Hamm, pp. 229–246

Keywords: Corporate social responsibility, CSR communication, consumer, information search behavior, think-aloud protocols

A structural equation model of cooperative member satisfaction and long-term commitment

Jasper Grashuis, Michael Lee Cook, pp. 247–263

Keywords: agricultural cooperative, member satisfaction, structural equation model

The role of agricultural cooperatives in serving as a marketing channel: evidence from low-income regions of Sichuan province in China

Yuying Liu, Wanglin Ma, Alan Renwick, Xinhong Fu, pp. 265–282

Keywords: agricultural cooperatives, marketing channel, PSM, IPWRA, low-income regions

Case Studies

A hybrid form of agricultural organization: the case of the Beizhijiang vegetable cooperative in China

Qiao Liang, Weibin Hu, Fu Jia, pp. 283–293

Keywords: farmer cooperative, agribusiness, China, governance, hybrid form of organization

The Vegetarian Butcher: on its way to becoming the world’s biggest ‘meat’ producer?

Paul T.M. Ingenbleek, Yuan Zhao, pp. 295–307

Keywords: vegetarian butcher, meat industry, meat replacement, technology innovation, international strategy

Case study of Agroindustrias La Granja

Patricio San Andrés, Marcos Vega Solano, pp. 309–320

Keywords: fresh mushroom, Agaricus bisporus, family business, competitiveness strategy

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