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2020  |  VOLUME 23 ISSUE 5

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review


Review and prospection for food and agricultural business model innovations in emerging economies

Fu-Sheng Tsai, Cheng-Hung Tsai, Chi-Wei Liu, Chia-Hsun Lin, Chih-Hsiang Chang, pp. 661–666

Keywords: business model, innovation, emerging economies, agribusiness, food industries

Research Articles

Blockchain-based agri-food supply chain management: case study in China

Hao Fu, Cuiping Zhao, Chuanxing Cheng, Hengyun Ma, pp. 667–679

Keywords: agri-food supply chain, blockchain, coupling, information asymmetry, opportunism

Can rural e-commerce service centers improve farmers’ subject well-being? A new practice of ‘internet plus rural public services’ from China

Hui Jin, Lili Li, Xinyi Qian, Yiwu Zeng, pp. 681–695

Keywords: rural e-commerce, rural public services, subjective well-being, propensity score matching, China 

Support policy preferences of grain family farms: evidence from Huang-huai-hai plain of China

Lili Yu, Ziheng Niu, Shijiu Yin, Yang Gao, Borui Tian, pp. 697–712

Keywords: grain family farms, attribute non-attendance, policy choice, mixed logit model, latent class model 

The economic impact of diversification into agritourism

Jana Pitrova, Igor Krejčí, Ladislav Pilar, Pavel Moulis, Jan Rydval, Robert Hlavatý, Tereza Horáková, Ivana Tichá, pp. 713–734

Keywords: agritourism, computer simulation, farm management, scenarios testing, system dynamics

Market simulation of traceable food in China based on conjoint-value analysis: a traceable case of pork

Bo Hou, Linhai Wu, Xiujuan Chen, pp. 735–746

Keywords: traceable safety information, consumer preferences, conjoint value analysis, market simulation 

Intellectual capital for green accounting in agribusiness

Hsiu-Yu Lee, Chi-Fang Liu, Yu-Sheng Yain, Chien-Ho Lin, pp. 759–765

Keywords: green accounting, intellectual capital, key success factors 

Review Article

Reviewing studies of radio frequency identification applications in supply chain for food safetyh

Xiao-Wei Wen, Janita Marlin, Zhi-Jian Wen, Zhao-Hui Yang, pp. 747–757

Keywords: radio frequency identification, food supply chain, literature review

Opinion Articles

A social innovation perspective on business model improvement in food related industries

Xiao-Wei Wen, Sang-Luo Sun, Zhao-Hui Yang, pp. 767–772

Keywords: social innovation, supply chain, food safety, sustainability 

New agriculture business model in Taiwan

Chien-Hsing Lee, Chih-Fang Liu, Yu-Ting Lin, Yu-Sheng Yain, Chien-Ho Lin, pp. 773–782

Keywords: agriculture, agribusiness, business models, Taiwan

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