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2022  |  VOLUME 25 ISSUE 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Review Article

Traceability in food supply chains: a systematic literature review and future research directions

Xiongyong Zhou, Zhiduan Xu, pp. 173–196

Keywords: food supply chain, traceability, tracking, systematic literature review 

Research Articles

Consumers’ perceptions and behavior toward food waste across countries

Yan Heng, Lisa House, pp. 197–209

Keywords: culture, food consumption, food waste, fruit and vegetables waste

The interaction relationships among agricultural certification labels or brands: evidence from Chinese consumer preference for fresh produce

Yiqin Wang, Jingbin Wang, Dan Han, Shanshan Lv, Mo Chen, Shijiu Yin, pp. 211–227

Keywords: consumer preference, interaction relationship, agricultural certification label, agricultural brand, menu-based choice experiment

Assessing the coordinated revenue-sharing contract of China’s farmer-supermarket direct-purchase model

Peng Liang, Melat Sima, Yu Huang, Xiaoyu Sun, pp. 229–243

Keywords: farmer-supermarket direct-purchase, perishable agricultural product, revenue-sharing contract, supply chain coordination 

Relational goods and direct purchase from farmers: estimating the value of the relationship between consumers and producers

Alessandro Corsi, Vito Frontuto, Silvia Novelli, pp. 245–262

Keywords: direct sales, alternative food networks, relational goods, stated preferences

Analysis of competitiveness and economic profit of the confectionary sector in Kazakhstan and its comparison with Czech Republic data

Petr Hájek, Eva Kaňková, Gulnar Zhunissova, pp. 263–291

Keywords: bankruptcy, competitiveness, INFA, EVA, ROE 

Effects of international trade on world agricultural production and productivity: evidence from a panel of 126 countries 1962-2014

Lingran Yuan, Qizheng Zhang, Shuo Wang, Weibin Hu, Binlei Gong, pp. 293–309

Keywords: agricultural spillovers and productivity, spatial econometrics and model averaging, developed and less developed countries, GATT and WTO periods

It takes two to tango: combining asset specificity and uncertainty to explain the diversity of plural forms

Paula Sarita Bigio Schnaider, Maria Sylvia Macchione Saes, Emmanuel Raynaud, pp. 311–327

Keywords: asset specificity, uncertainty, food supply chains, governance, plural forms, transaction costs 

Just a little bit more legumes! Results of an online survey in Europe

Stéphan Marette, Jutta Roosen, pp. 329–345

Keywords: consumer behavior, legumes, nutrition, environment, web survey 

Relationship between brand and dealer loyalty in the agricultural equipment market

Roberto Feeney, Pedro Harmath, Josefa Ramoni-Perazzi, Pablo Mac Clay, pp. 347–360

Keywords: ag equipment firms and dealers, agricultural producers, brand loyalty, dealer loyalty, probit models

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