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2023  |  VOLUME 26 ISSUE 1

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Case Study

Financial and strategic management analysis of Farmer Foodshare Inc., a nonprofit food organization

Carlos O. Trejo-Pech, Margarita Velandia, Keiko Tanaka, Karen Rignall, Terry Billie, pp. 11–23

Keywords: nonprofit food organizations, economic sustainability, financial analysis of nonprofits, strategic analysis of nonprofits, agribusiness finance, teaching case study

Research Articles

Cluster-based agricultural development: a comparison between China and Africa

Xiaobo Zhang, pp. 1–9

Keywords: cluster, agricultural development, China, Africa

Factors affecting the choice of governance structure along the vegetable value chain in Bangladesh

Dabasis Sharma, Mohammad Jahangir Alam, Ismat Ara Begum, Andrew M. McKenzie, pp. 25–48

Keywords: governance, value chain, multinomial logit model, Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney-U test, cauliflower, tomato, Bangladesh

Rural youth interest in economic activities along the agricultural value chain: empirical evidence from KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) and implications

Raesetse Baloyi, Edilegnaw Wale, Unity Chipfupa, pp. 49–65

Keywords: rural youth, agricultural value chains, perceptions, psychological capital, smallholder agriculture

Smallholder farmers’ willingness to pay for commercial insect-based chicken feed in Kenya

Afrika Onguko Okello, David Jakinda Otieno, Jonathan Makau Nzuma, Michael Mukembo Kidoido, Chrysantus Mbi Tanga, pp. 67–87

Keywords: chicken, insect-based feed, choice experiment, Kenya

AgriTech investor and informant perspectives about cellular agriculture

Mark A. Gagnon, Garrett Broad, Kelia Grandison, Robert M. Chiles, pp. 89–109

Keywords: cellular agriculture, investor, meat, protein

Can food ordering apps help combat food fraud through providing food safety information? Consumer responses to gutter-oil-free claim on Koubei

Na Hao, Holly Wang, Beiqi Zhu, pp. 111–122

Keywords: online app, food safety, consumer preference, food fraud, online pledge

Social embeddedness and agricultural technology diffusion from the perspective of scale differentiation – a case study from China

Kai Li, Qi Li, pp. 123–138

Keywords: social embeddedness, scale differentiation, integrated adoption of chemical fertilizer-reducing technologies, technology diffusion

Everywhere the same? Competitiveness of two regional vegetable production clusters in Southern Germany

Andreas Gabriel, Vera Bitsch, pp. 139–157

Keywords: cluster, competitiveness, Diamond model, Porter, vegetable production

A dynamic systems analysis of factors affecting success of identity-preserved products: the case of high-oleic soybeans

Charles F. Nicholson, Keenan C. McRoberts, Besir Suleyman Öz, Birgit Kopainsky, pp. 159–174

Keywords: group model building, system dynamics modeling, identity preserved, high-oleic soybean

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