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Buses depart Puerto de Almería (see map) for Auditorio Maestro Padilla

08:45 – 10:00
Center Stage

Sustainable models for smallholder farming

More than 700 million people face hunger today, while the cost of a healthy diet keeps rising globally. This session provides insights on innovations that can help farmers meet the increased need and demand for fruits and vegetables globally while adhering to important sustainability standards. It will further explore how agricultural innovation for fruits and vegetables and row crops can be made more accessible to the biggest farmer segment: smallholders. There are over 550 million smallholders worldwide, who produce more than 50% of the total food consumed in low-and middle-income countries. They are essential to feeding especially the most marginalized rural communities, but they need affordable access to innovative products, systems and services to sustainably increase their productivity, incomes and resilience in the face of climate change.


Venkata Kishore
Head of Veg Seeds Smallholders & Sustainability, Bayer (USA)

Panel Discussion

Moderator: Melissa Es-Sayed
Global Smallholder Farming Processes Support, Bayer Crop Science  


Yvonne Colomer
Executive Director, Triptolemos Foundation (Spain)

Harmanpreet Singh
Smallholder Partnership Lead- APAC (Singapore)

Sheila Komen Keino
AFAP Vice President, Development Cooperation and Sustain Africa Regional Lead (Malawi)

Beatriz Eugenia Arrieta
Regional Manager Food Value Chain, Bayer (Colombia)

10:00 – 11:00 
Center Stage

Sustainability as a winning strategy: the business case for ESG in the food and agribusiness sectors

Calls to transform the global food system have increased over the past decade, with sustainability at the core. Agri-food companies face challenges in meeting evolving sustainability standards. Consumers expect sustainable food but are often unwilling to pay extra. Improving farm-level sustainability requires investments with upfront costs and management complexity. Experts diverge on approaches, with some emphasizing productivity and resource efficiency, while others advocate for fundamental dietary changes.

Moderator: Mary Shelman
Mary Shelman Group, USA

Juan Gabriel Aguiriano Nalda  
Group Head of Sustainability, Technology Ventures, Kerry (Spain)

Mark Titterington
Co-Founder & Director, Forum for the Future of Agriculture (Belgium)

Hassen Ali Cherif
Head of Sales MENAT, RELEX Solutions (France)

11:00 – 11:30
Main Lobby

Coffee Break

Are food producers doing the right thing? The Spanish produce sector as a national pilot for supply chain due diligence

11:30 – 12:45  |  Location TBD

Moderator: Kristian Moeller
Appellando (Germany)     

Human rights and Human capital issues are crucial to the future of the agsector. Leading agribusinesses foster collaborative thinking with their workers in Spain to drive global workplace innovation and justice primarily in the farming sector.

Ruben Romero Masegosa
Head of Policy Advocacy & Alliances, Convive Fundación Cepaim (Spain)

Catherine Morgans
Senior Consultant, Ergon Associates (Spain)

Speed Networking Session

11:30 – 12:45  |  Location TBD   

Hosted by the IFAMA Young Board

A speed networking session to acquaint ag sector companies with top talent who are pursuing careers in the agri-food Industry. Participating companies will have five 8-minute rotations to meet these aspiring candidates. The session offers an opportunity for companies to profile their brand to more than 150+ candidates under age 35.

12:45 – 13.30


13:00 – 14:00
Stage 2  

Student Case Competition – Grand Showcase III

This is the 19th year that IFAMA has hosted a Global Student Case Competition. Thirty teams of students and young professionals from around the world have traveled to Almería to compete for the title of World Champion in the only case competition specifically geared for the agribusiness sector. The top advancing teams in three divisions (Undergraduate, Graduate, and Early Career Professionals) will demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills before a panel of judges. All conference attendees are invited and encouraged to attend the grand finale of this capstone event showcasing new talent and future leaders in agribusiness.

14:00 – 15:00

Women in agriculture – Portraits of leaders and leadership

15:00 – 16:00  |  (Location TBD)

Women play a crucial role, contributing significantly to food production and ensuring food security for communities worldwide. Acknowledging and honoring them inspires more women and girls to pursue careers in agriculture. Recognizing women in agriculture helps promote gender equality in the sector, and opens doors for equal access to resources, land, education, and opportunities.

 Anathi Makamane
University of the Free State (South Africa); IFAMA Young Board  

Adelina Salinas
Founding Partner, ZOI Agrícola (Spain)

Isabel Cayuela Zamora
Head of Global Marketing, BASF (Spain)

Everlyn Musyoka
Strategy Lead Africa, Smallholder Business (Kenya)

15:00 – 16:00
Center Stage

The Ag Tech Promise – What is working

Financial investment is essential to achieving the Ag Tech Promise. This session showcases new innovations sprouting from IFAMA and the Almeria ecosystem. 

Moderator: Aidan Connolly
CEO, AgriTech Capital; President, IFAMA (USA)

Karel Escobar Sánchez

Co-Founder, Back Fund (Spain)

Jose Luis Racero Luque-Romero
Project Coordinator, Fundación Cajamar (Spain)

Fu Wenge
Dean of the MBA Education Center, China Agricultural University (China)

Ana María Molina Olmo
CEO & Co-Founder, GrodiTech

16:00 – 16:30 Main Lobby

Coffee Break

16:30 – 17:30
Center Stage

Agriculture’s got talent: How the nature of food and agribusiness human capital is changing and will change more  

Food producers and farmers need a new generation of workers and management, with very different skills.  What does this look like in 2030 and beyond? Technology skills, understanding AI/Chat GPT, robotics, working with startups, managing technology workers, not just blue collar on our farms and in our food processing plants.  Fluent in data and sustainable practices, the focus is on youth and the next generation of talent. The things that new generations need to be thinking about. Attracting talent  to our industry is also one of our big challenges.

Moderator: Jorge Bittner
UNITEC (Chile); IFAMA Young Board

Next level cooperation in a cluster. Quadruple partnership to create an inclusive cluster. Social innovation is even more important as tech innovation to tackle the challenges of agribusiness in Europe. Social innovation refers to the design and implementation of new solutions that imply conceptual, process, product, or organizational change, which ultimately aim to improve the welfare and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

Social innovation refers to the design and implementation of new solutions that imply conceptional, process, product

Marcos Fava Neves
Founder of Markestrat and Harven Agribusiness School (Brazil)

Montserrat Ventosa Garcia Morato
Co-founder & CEO. Happy Shifting (United Kingdom)

Ken Sloan
Vice Chancellor, Harper Adams University, (United Kingdom)

Woody Maijers
Innovationpact Manager, Greenport West Holland (Netherlands)


Buses depart Auditorio Maestro Padilla to Puerto de Almería (Vía Muelle de Levante, s/n, 04071 Almería, see map)


Buses depart Puerto de Almería (see map) to Presidential Banquet

20:00 – 23:00
La Jábega, Almería

Presidential Banquet and Award Ceremony    La Jábega, Almeria (see map)

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