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2021  |  VOLUME 24 ISSUE 4

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Special Issue: Growth of agroholdings and mega-farms in transition and emerging market economies: institutional and organizational aspects



Taras Gagalyuk, William H. Meyers, Alfons Balmann, pp. 581–592

Keywords: agroholdings, mega-farms, management systems, CSR

Research Articles

What drives the acquisition behavior of agroholdings? Performance analysis of agricultural acquisition targets in Northwest Russia and Ukraine

Igor Ostapchuk, Taras Gagalyuk, David Epshtein, Abusupyan Dibirov, pp. 593–613

Keywords: acquisition target selection, agroholdings, Northwest Russia, pre-acquisition performance, Ukraine


Post-acquisition integration and growth of farms: the case of Ukrainian agroholdings

Igor Ostapchuk, Taras Gagalyuk, Jarmila Curtiss, pp. 615–636

Keywords: acquisition waves, agroholdings, farm growth, post-acquisition integration, Ukraine


Propensity for premature filing for judicial financial recovery in large-scale agriculture in Brazil

Antonio Carlos Ortiz, Henrique Monaco, Vitor Machado, Michael Boehlje, pp. 637–648

Keywords: farmers, financial distress, liquidity, moral hazard


Corporate governance and firm performance within the Russian agri-food sector: does ownership structure matter?

Alisher Tleubayev, Ihtiyor Bobojonov, Taras Gagalyuk, Emma García Meca, Thomas Glauben, pp. 649–668

Keywords: corporate governance, ownership structure, agri-food enterprises, firm performance, Russia

Institutions and individual values motivating corporate social responsibility activities in large farms and agroholdings

Anna Hajdu, Marcos F. Daziano, Oane Visser, pp. 669–696

Keywords: Argentina, large-scale farms, social issues, grounded theory, large-scale land acquisitions


Determinants of corporate social responsibility among farms in Russia and Kazakhstan: a multilevel approach using survey data

Anna Hajdu, Taras Gagalyuk, Eduard Bukin, Martin Petrick, pp. 697–716

Keywords: corporate social responsibility, primary agriculture, organizational-level factors, institutional-level factors, transition economies


Broadening the scope of instrumental motivations for CSR disclosure: an illustration for agroholdings in transition economies

Taras Gagalyuk, Lioudmila Chatalova, Oleksandr Kalyuzhnyy, Igor Ostapchuk, pp. 717–737

Keywords: agroholdings, corporate social responsibility disclosure, institutional legitimacy, strategic legitimacy, transition economy

Case Studies

The downfall of Transmar Cocoa

Ryan Feuz, Joseph Montoya, pp. 877–885

Keywords: ethics, cocoa supply, commodity trading, borrowing base

Cal-Maine Foods, Inc.: stock price estimation in the midst of pandemic

Carlos Omar Trejo-Pech, Susan White, pp. 887–900

Keywords: agribusiness finance, investment finance, equity valuation, cage-free eggs, teaching case study

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