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MONDAY — Symposium & Student Case Competition DAY 1


Buses depart Puerto de Almería (see map) for Municipal Theater in El Ejido

08:00 – 08:45

REGISTRATIOM / COFFEE / NETWORKING       (Grand Lobby, El Ejido Municipal Theater)

08:45 – 10:00

SYMPOSIUM KICK-OFF       (Main Auditorium) 

Keynote 1: Almeria agribusiness ecosystem: Innovative and sustainable? Symposium Co-Chairs Mariantonietta Fiore University of Foggia (Italy) and Loïc Sauvée, Institut Polytechnique UniLaSalle (France)

Keynote 2: Shifting from an animal towards a plant protein based diet: A walk in the park?  Xavier Gellynck, Ghent University (Beligium)

For a few decades now, interest in alternative protein sources has been rising. The shift is gaining momentum on policy agendas worldwide in general, but particularly in the EU, US, and even China. Multiple stakeholders are recognizing the potential of alternative proteins to address key challenges related to environmental sustainability, public health, and food security. However, the transition is not happening smoothly. In addition to technological and regulatory constraints, economic and consumer issues create a trajectory characterized by many hurdles. This session takes you through some of these issues related to microbial protein, insect-based protein, cultured meat, forgotten vegetables, and shifting diets. Recent research findings provide an illuminating overview of these challenges and point to some interesting future research topics.

10:00 – 11:30


Agribusiness Finance and Economic Impacts    |    Moderator: Vera Bitsch   |    Room A  

Decision-making during the business acquisition process: the case of the Dutch agricultural family business Teffany Kartopawiro and G. Kouwenhoven, Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

The nexus between smallholder irrigated agriculture and household welfare: A case study of the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa Mzuyanda Christian, University of Mpumalanga (South Africa)

The effects of agricultural product exports on environmental quality Sayed Saghaian, H. Mohammadi, and M. Mohammadi, University of Kentucky (USA)

Farmers and Cooperatives    |    Moderator: Ryan Loy    |    Room B

Organizational structures of agriculture cooperatives in China: evidence from the green vegetable sector Alex Liu, E. Garnevska, and N. Shadbolt, Massey University (New Zealand)

Governance dynamics of cooperatives federations: a conceptual framework Francis Declerck, ESSEC Business School (France); J. Cadot, Virgina Tech (USA); M.L. Cook, University of Missouri (USA); and P. Jeanneaux, VetAgro Sup (France)

The impacts of dairy farm exits on local communities Shaheer Burney, University of Wisconsin (USA); and Luis Peña-Lévano, University of California (USA)

Sustainable Transitions   |    Moderator: Nathan Kemper    |    Room C

Sustainable transitions in agrifood systems: a bibliographic analysis of the role of firms and industries Nic Lees, S. Sivakumar, and S. Lucock, Lincoln University (New Zealand)

Proposal for management aspects in planning of communication in social media for agribusiness organizations Vinícius Cambaúva and M.F. Neves, University of São Paulo, Harven Business School, Markestrat Group Associate (Brazil)

A double perspective efficiency analysis to maximize the value of cattle sales Samuel D. Zapata, F. Abello, D. Anderson, and M. Palma, Texas A&M University (USA)

Case Conference    |    Moderator: Guilherme Signorini    |    Room D

How collective action organizations (associations and cooperatives) acting in coordination can promote competitiveness, total support and sustainability for farmers? The case of Guariba Sustainable Agricultural Production Ecosystem Rafael Kalaki, Socicana - Sugarcane Farmers Association of Guariba; J.A.R. Junior, R F. Machado, M.M. Gomes dos Santos, M.F. Neves, Markestat, University of Sao Paulo (Brazil)

Silver Fern Farms: where to now for net carbon zero beef? Elena Garnevska, N. Shadbolt, and L. Polson, Massey University (New Zealand)

Farm produce innovation driven by last-mile delivery technology: vertical linkages between Kurly and Small Farms Nayeong Kim, J. Moon, J. Son, Seoul National University; and D. Lee, Gangneung-Wonju National University (Republic of Korea)

IFAMA Young Board Meeting   |    VIP Room

10:00 – 11:30


Digital Transformation    |    Moderator: Lindie Von Malitz    |    Room A

Software solutions in agri-food systems: a current view for sustainability reporting   Ryan Loy, L. Britton, and T. Malone, University of Arkansas (USA)

The return of investment of social media marketing: a case of U.S. green industry firms   Ariana Torres, Purdue University; A.L. Rihn, University of Kentucky; M. Knuth, North Carolina State University; Bridget K. Behe, Michigan State University; S. Barton, University of Delaware; and H.Khachatryan, University of Florida (USA)

Does social media marketing enhance performance? Evidence from U.S. mobile markets   Ram Acharya and A. Bernal, New Mexico State University (USA)

Agribusiness Education    |    Moderator: Loïc Sauvée    |    Room B

Teaching innovation in the food industry: design thinking, participatory action research food waste   Greg Baker and R. Brand, Santa Clara University (USA)

Research on university agribusiness education: a systematic review of research themes and an analysis of research gaps   Nic Lees and S. Lucock, Lincoln University (New Zealand)

What is the opinion of primary school teachers in Brazil about food security?   Analice Pereira da Silva, Kaiane Ferreira de Oliveira, Y. Casagranda, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Consumers and Customers    |    Moderator: Pablo Mac Clay    |    Room C

Mission and vision of foodsharing cafes in Germany   Vera Bitsch, L. Fratini, Technical University of Munich (Germany)

The trust tightrope: the influence of divergent types of trust on consumer perceptions of gene edited foods   Katie Henderson, D. Conroy, J. Kemper, B. Lang, University of Auckland Business School (New Zealand)

Improving consumer understanding of pesticide toxicity labels: experimental evidence   Michelle Segovia, Univ. of Deleware; H. Hosni, S. Zhao, University of Kentucky; M.A. Palma, Texas A&M Univ., and T. Skevas (USA)

Local and International Drivers    |    Moderator: Luis Alberto Sandoval    |    Room D

Challenges and opportunities for gene edited crops in Latin America   Roberto Feeney, Austral University (Argentina)

The drivers of internationalization – a configurational perspective   Esteban R. Brenes, L. Ciravegna, and D. I. Zavala, INCAE Business School (Costa Rica)

SPECIAL SESSION: How to get your research published   Kevin Chen, IFAMR Editor in Chief, Zhejiang University (China)

13:00 – 14:00


14:00 – 15:30


Sustainability and Farming    |    Moderator: Jeremy Slade    |    Room A

Increase agrifood involvement: analysing the impact of an information-learning product strategy on sales volume   Haram Eom and J. Moon, Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)

Farmers’ attitudes in front of the ag-tech revolution: understanding technology adoption among Argentine farmers   Roberto Feeney, F. Borbiconi, P. Mac Clay, C. Beltramino, F. Mendez, University of Austral; and T. Capretto, National University of Rosario (Argentina)

Social sustainability of technological innovations in the EU’s fresh fruit and vegetable processing   Giustina Pellegrini, V. Otter, and G. Hagelaar, Wageningen University (Netherlands)

ESG    |    Moderator: Loïc Sauvée    |    Room B

Retail chains’ sustainability initiatives from a value chain perspective: comparisons over Germany, Turkey, USA   Tom Reardon and R. Brent Ross, Michigan State University (USA)

Cultivating resilience: a strategic “Risk Resilience Model” for agricultural SMEs in the face of climate change   Linda Snippe, Inholland University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands)

The competitive advantages of implementing an ESG agenda   Marcos Fava Neves, L. Peralta, L. Martinez and F. R. Valerio, University of São Paulo (Brazil)

Agribusiness Strategies    |    Moderator: N.T. Sudarshan Naidu    |    Room C

Vegetable value addition initiatives pursued by smallholder irrigation farmers in Eastern Cape, South Africa   Mzuyanda Christinan, University of Mpumalanga, A . Obi, UNISA (South Africa), I. K. Agbugba, University of Birmingham (UK), P. Jiba, University of Zululand (South Africa)

Prioritisation of no-regret solutions to address food system disruption in central Mozambique   Crisáldo Jorge, O. Loki, W. Fitawek, University of Pretoria; S. M. Mpuzu, Mangosuthu University (South Africa)

The value chain disciplines alignment framework: A strategic tool for ensuring farm – value chain fit   Hamish Gow, Lincoln University (New Zealand) and E. Micheels, University of Saskatchewan (Canada)

Sustainability and Education    |    Moderator: Greg Baker    |    Room D

An assessment of the role of sustainability goals in trade agreements   Ernst Idsardi, North-West University (South Africa); B. Steiner and M. Carlson, University of Helsinki (Finland)

Impact analysis of rice production, education and environmental risks on food insecurity in Bangladesh   Lal Almas, T. Islam, B. Guerrero, G. Kibria and F. Dewan, West Texas A&M (USA)

Comparing growers’ sustainable agricultural practices under different value chain governance structures: evidence from potato industry in Pakistan   Hafiz Azhar Rasool, H. Badar, University of Agriculture-Faisalabad (Pakistan); T.D Blare, University of Florida (USA); International Potato Center (Ecuador); and A. Ghafoor, University of Agriculture—Faisalabad (Pakistan)

IFAMR Publication Policy Meeting    |    VIP ROOM

15:30 – 16:00


Market potential for disease-resistant raisins: implications from eye-tracking and EEG technologies   Chengyan Yue, U. Parasuram, University of Minnesota; Q. Qiao, K. Gallardo, University of Washington; G.Steede, M.Clark, University of Minnesota (USA)

Assessing the impact of state marketing campaigns on consumer preferences for locally grown blueberries in Florida   Hayk Khachatryan, Y. Jeon, University of Florida; X. Wei, University of Maryland; B. Kassas, L. House, University of Florida; and R. Nayga, Texas A&M University (USA)

Energy use, measurement, and conservation in frozen food cold chains   Victoria Salin, Texas A&M University (USA)Food waste and behaviour scenario of Midwest Brazilian families   A. Razuk, L. Dias, K. Oliveira, and Y. Casagranda, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

NFT - Soul bound tokens for winery reputation   Roberto Tonelli, A. Tiddia, A. Pinna, M.I. Lunesu, G. Cherchi, D. Bentivoglio, G. Chiaraluce, G. Staffolani, G. Zonneveld, G. Rafaiani, and A. Finco, University of Cagliari (Italy)

Exploring the synergy between small-scale farms and e-commerce in the Philippine Agri-food system: a case study   Mozelle Ramos, T. Uchiyama, K. Hatanaka, N. Shimoguchi, R. Terano, Tokyo University of Agriculture (Japan)

Gene editing and the rural economy: the role of cultural worldview on consumer attitudes in the Philippines, China, and Japan   Nathan Kemper, A. Pittman, B. McFadden, A. Durand-Morat, L. Nalley and S. Rider, University of Arkansas (USA)

Defining coffee consumer profiles with a sustainability perspective: an instrument proposal   Luis Alberto Sandoval, V. Achicanoy, S. Morales, Panamerican Agricultural School Zamorano (Honduras)

Do consumers favor companies that advertise sustainable business practices? A study of the Honduras’ egg market   Luis A. Sandoval, J. Mendoza, Panamerican Agricultural School Zamorano (Honduras); and B. Mamani, Texas Tech (USA)

Consumers’ ‘eating-food relationship’ in purchasing alternative ingredients food products: moderating effects of ingredient origin information and recipe authenticity   Hyunju Song and J. Moon, Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)

Do relationships matter? Investgating the role of relationships in enhancing performance of organic food firms?   Maneka Goyal and S. Kumar, Indian Institute of Management Lucknow (India)

Biosecurity in the swine livestock: a state of art in the economic field   Valentina Suprani, A.G. Paolo; A. Maurizio, C. Massimo, Alma Mater University of Bologna (Italy)

Distributed ledger technolgies and sustainable development goals   Roberto Rana, N. Adamashvili, C. Tricase, University of Foggia, R. Pareschi, University of Molise (Italy)

Do non-monetary promotion work better at night? Time-of-day effects on consumer acceptance of new commodity food products   Minji Seo and J. Moon, Seoul National University (Republic of Korea)

What is the role of institutional, internal, and ecological drivers in the acceptance and adoption of Circular Economy across Italian farmers?   Niso Randellini, P. Garrone, and G. Scotti, Politecnico di Milano (Italy)

Perception of Brazilian agricultural supply store managers on food security   João V. Cardoso, D. Francisco Neto, and Y. Casagranda, Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul (Brazil)

Beneficiary payment scheme for village-scale ecosystem services: a phase-in framework and the driving forces   Yunyi Zhou and K. Z. Chen, Zhejiang University (China)

Making fisheries sustainable: digital transition for blue economy   Mauro Amoruso, A.M. Pacifico, P.P. Miglietta, and L. Agnusdei, University of Campania — Luigi Vanvitelli (Italy)

16:00 – 17:00

KEYNOTE       (Main Auditorium)

Welcome to El Ejido: The Almeria agribusiness ecosystem  Francisco Gongora, Mayor of El Ejido

Keynote 3: How knowledge helps famers become more sustainable   Stella Provelengiou, Wikifarmer (Greece)

Farmers, the safekeepers of global food security, must constantly adapt and gain new knowledge and skills to feed the global population under the pressure of climate change and the need for sustainability and resilience. From the use of smart farming technologies, the adoption of sustainable systems, or the production of more, safer, and nutritious food, it is apparent that farming has become a knowledge-intensive job. And while the scientific community innovates more than ever, there seems to be a gap in the communication of these two essential pillars of the sector. To empower farmers, Wikifarmer has created a 360° ecosystem with an online Library, Academy, and Marketplace facilitating knowledge dissemination across the agrifood sector through a free, multilingual environment.

17:00 – 18:30


Blockchain Technology and Innovation    |    Moderator: Mariantonietta Fiore    |    Room A

Elaboration of a “long-short” supply chain within the fair trade sector with blockchain technology   Johannes Owsianowski, Technical University of Munich (Germany)

The challenges of the coffee sector: Analysis of main trends and impacts on coffee production in Southern Minas Gerais-Brazil   Marcos F. Neves, R.S. Amaral and F.R. Valerio, University of São Paulo (USP); Foundation Getúlio Vargas (FGV) and Harven Business School (Brazil)

Does BCT change relate directly to the intervention in the wineries?   Maria R. Maschio, L.S. Alaimo, M. Fiore, and A. Galati, University of Salento (Italy)

Smallholder Competitveness    |    Moderator: Ouiam Fatiha Boukharta    |    Room B

Evaluating the training needs of smallholder farmers in Zambia   Melissa Van der Merwe, Stellenbosch University; and Anathi Makamane, University of the Free State (South Africa)

Determinants of the small and medium agribusiness enterprises funding model during covid-19 pandemic in the North West Province, South Africa   Mzuyanda Christian, University of Mpumalanga; A. Smit, U. Luvhengo, J. Lekunze, North West University; H. Khobai, University of Johannesburg (South Africa)

The commercialization of donkey milk in South Africa: identifying possible early adopters and key drivers   Chiedza Z. Tsvakirai, B. Kitsweditswe, L. M. Mabusa and M. F. Tshehla; University of South Africa (South Africa)

Price Volatility and Risk Management    |    Moderator: Robert Feeney    |    Room C

Vertical price transmission in the U.S. hemp value chain   Tyler B. Mark, University of Kentucky; and S. Odiase, Illinois State University (USA)

An analysis of the risk narrative disclosed by publicly traded biofuel firms   Carlos J.O. Trejo-Pech, B. Bista, T. Edward Yu, and J. A. Larson, University of Tennessee (USA)

Insights into infant formula industry structure: a comprehensive analysis of the 2022 food safety recall and supply chain disruptions   Sevval Buse Sariman, J. Polloshka, and V. Caputo, Michigan State University (USA)

Best Paper Finalists    |    Moderator: Mozelle Ramos    |    Room D

Changes in policy and consumer preferences create opportunities for sustainable chains   Guilherme Signorini and J. P Sequeira, The Ohio State (USA)

A statistical learning approach to Pasture, Rangeland, Forage (PRF) insurance coverage selection   Samuel D. Zapata, X. Villavicencio, and A. Xicay, Texas A&M University (USA)

The contingent interplay between resources, entrepreneurship, and agribusiness performance among small-scale agri-food actors   Ayobami Adetoyinbo, R. Harrison, and D. Mithöfer, Humboldt University of Berlin (Germany)

17:30 – 18:00

IFAMA 2025 Planning Meeting    |    VIP Room


Buses depart Municipal Theater for Puerto de Almería (see map)

20:00 – 22:00

QUIZ BOWL NIGHT       La Tahona, Almería (see map) 

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