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2021  |  VOLUME 24 ISSUE 2

International Food and Agribusiness Management Review

Research Articles

How has the minimum support price policy of India affected cross-commodity price linkages?

Luis Emilio Morales, Jean Balié, Emiliano Magrini, pp. 179–196

Keywords: commodity prices, minimum support prices, panel vector auto-regression, India 

Discounted cash flow valuation of conventional and cage-free production investments

Carlos J.O. Trejo-Pech, Jada M. Thompson, pp. 197–214

Keywords: discounted cash flow valuation, stochastic simulation, financial modeling, cage-free egg production

Rural extension and technical efficiency in the Brazilian agricultural sector

Carlos Otavio de Freitas, Felipe de Figueiredo Silva, Marcelo Jose Braga, Mateus de Carvalho Reis Neves, pp. 215–232

Keywords: rural extension, entropy balancing, stochastic production frontier, technical efficiency 

The reputation of horticulture – an internal view of the industry

Marike Isaak, Iris Brenneke, Wolfgang Lentz, pp. 233–247

Keywords: reputation, horticulture, qualitative content analysis, experts, characteristics 

Working conditions and labor flexibility in non-family farms: weather-based labor management by Japanese paddy rice corporations

Hironori Yagi, Tsuneo Hayashi, pp. 249–266

Keywords: non-family farms, working conditions, labor flexibility, community farming, weather 

Development of sustainable resource ties in the agrifood industry: the case for the Polish fruit and vegetable industry

Joanna A. Wiśniewska-Paluszak, Grzegorz T. Paluszak, pp. 293–320

Keywords: relational investments, relation-specific resources, sustainable relational advantage, agrifood industry 

Conception and evaluation of a structural equation model to measure the reputation of German horticulture

Marike Isaak, Iris Brenneke, Wolfgang Lentz, pp. 337–354

Keywords: horticulture, reputation, formative, reflective, reputation measurement 

Innovation behavior of agri-food small and medium-sized enterprises: the case of Europe’s emerging economies

Gaukhar B. Kussainova, Sayed H. Saghaian, Michael R. Reed, pp. 355–369

Keywords: innovation drivers, Central and Eastern Europe, agri-food sector, firm-level data 

Review Article

Sustainable demand-supply chain: an innovative approach for improving sustainability in agrifood chains

Maryline Filippi, Alain Chapdaniel, pp. 321–335

Keywords: contract, sustainable supply chain, agrifood, organizational innovation, supply chain management

Case Study

Local industrial policies and development of agricultural clusters: a case study based on a tea cluster in China

Lyuhang Zhao, Jianqing Ruan, Xinjie Shi, pp. 267–288

Keywords: local industrial policy, effective industrial policy, comparative advantage, agricultural cluster


Special track: European agrifood business in transition towards social responsibility

Loïc Sauvée, pp. 289–292

Special track: European agrifood business in transition towards social responsibility

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