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Texas A&M University

Master of Agribusiness Program

Program Description

The MAB is a professional program that is uniquely focused on the food and agribusiness sector with an emphasis on combining economic and business analysis, and incorporating quantitative methods as the basis for decision-making. Case-based research and team performance, highlighting cultural and learning style diversity, are the cornerstones of the MAB integrated capstone courses in strategic management and financial analysis. One of the many strengths of the MAB program is the emphasis on oral and written communication and presentation skills. The Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness provides administrative leadership to the Master of Agribusiness degree program. This program is jointly administered by the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (COALS) and the Mays Business School through a Program Director, Program Executive Committee, and Intercollegiate Faculty. Furthering the development of value added agricultural and food enterprises in Texas and the United States will require considerable managerial expertise. Graduate-trained managers are needed who are comfortable working in their own specific disciplines and who also have insights for the total business environment. These graduates need an understanding of the unique challenges and issues facing the agricultural and food sector. Training these graduates requires strong interdepartmental and inter-collegiate teaching and research programs emphasizing managerial leadership. The Master of Agribusiness program is designed to address these needs and to provide graduates with a view that integrates agriculture and business management. There is both a national, as well as a regional, need for this type of training. The mission of the Intercollegiate Faculty of Agribusiness is to: (1) foster the synergistic intercollegiate development of the Master of Agribusiness degree program; (2) enhance communication between the faculty members in the College of Agriculture and Life Science (Department of Agricultural Economics) and the Mays Business School (Departments of Accounting, Finance, Information and Operations Management, Management, and Marketing); (3) utilize faculty expertise in business and agribusiness to strengthen the Master of Agribusiness degree program, and (4) capitalize on the contacts that faculty members have made with firms and leaders within the food and agribusiness industry for student recruitment, placement, and internships.

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Victoria Salin


College Station, Texas, USA

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