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From Former Executive Editor, Peter Goldsmith

Dear All,

This is a letter to the authors of the IFAMR to let them know that the leadership of the IFAMR is changing after nearly eight years. Kathryn White, the Administrative Editor, and I, the Executive Editor, will no longer manage the IFAMR as of September 1, 2016. The new Executive Editor is Gerhard Scheifer. Please direct all inquiries after September 1, 2016 to Dr. Scheifer. His email is:

For Kathryn and me it has been a complete pleasure working with you all and building the IFAMR. Food and agribusiness management scholars now have a wonderful publishing outlet that assures their work will have impact. So we leave a great journal in Gerhard’s very capable hands.
Good luck Gerhard.

Best of luck in your work.

Prof. Dr. Peter Goldsmith    Kathryn White
Executive Editor, IFAMR Administrative Editor, IFAMR
University of Illinois, USA

Message From  CEO IFAMA, Francesco Braga

I take this occasion to thank you, Peter, both personally and on behalf of IFAMA and IFAMR, for your past hard and very much appreciated work. As a former Executive Editor myself (for five years) I know the long hours this must have required. So, THANK YOU! I know yours are big shoes to fill, but I am completely confident that Prof. Gerhard Schiefer a distinguished and most experienced colleague from the University of Bonn will, with the help and support of all, do an outstanding job. His kind availability is gratefully noted.

I believe it is also important to acknowledge that as of September, the publishing of IFAMR moves to Wageningen Academic Publisher (WAP), an established professional academic publisher. WAP will provide IFAMA with a "turn key" service for a set fee, from supporting the Executive Editor and Regional, Managing Editors in the review process, to assuming responsibility for interaction with authors, formatting the manuscript, publishing them online (first in an "in press" area as soon as the manuscript is accepted, hence providing immediate recognition to authors, and then in the specific issue as assigned by the Executive Editor), invoicing and collecting paper fees.  Most importantly the academic independence of the Journal is fully guaranteed by the Association, as IFAMA retains full and unencumbered ownership of IFAMR.

Welcome  New Executive Editor, Gerhard Schiefer

Dear Colleagues,

The prestigious journal of IFAMA has reached its present level through many years of engagement by Peter Goldsmith as Executive Editor, Kathryn White as Administrative Editor and a group of Managing Editors from all over the world. As the new Executive Editor and in cooperation with the Managing Editors and Wageningen Academic Publishers it is our ambition to continue on this successful path and to assure that IFAMR remains the flagship journal for our profession and the preferred outlet for publications in our scientific domain.

I am located in the International Center for Food Chain and Network Research at the University of Bonn in Germany but had early carrier relationships with Stanford and Harvard Business School where I had the privilege of meeting Prof. Goldberg as one of the initiators of IFAMA and the interaction between science and the business world. 

With this background I have special interest and engagements in improving communication between scientific groups as well as between science and the business environment. While the major meeting points for our profession are the annual conferences of IFAMA and its journal, I am like others additionally engaged in providing a discussion platform in a smaller context through the IFAMA linked annual International Forum on System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks. Meeting, discussing and interaction are the prerequisite for mutual understanding and innovation in a sector which is so much dependent on cooperation and communication for meeting the challenges of the future. 

Together with my cooperation partners at IFAMR we will contribute to supporting this need and to develop IFAMR further from a publication outlet to a discussion forum where new and maybe even controversial ideas might develop that eventually could help the sector in moving forward.

Professor, Dr. Gerhard Schiefer,  University of Bonn, Germany

WAP has kindly agreed to retain Editorial Express as a submission and review platform. I also want to mention that, after consultation with different parties, I have decided to implement only part of the IFAMR per-page publication fee increase decided about a year ago, from USD $50 to USD E65 effective Q4, 2016. WAP will charge a flat fee per paper (not per page) of Euro 1000, which at current Exchange Rate is about the midpoint between the old and the new increased proposed fee, this for an average paper of about 20 pages (the average for the last 7 issues).

Finally, I want to thank Kathryn White, Admin Editor of IFAMR, and wish well in her new endeavors. I am happy to report that she is not moving far away! I am particularly pleased she has agreed to provide web updating services to IFAMA. She will be rebuilding the entire IFAMR database as well as the database of all past IFAMA conferences. This will provide a much needed increased in visibility to the Public Good nature of the Association and the IFAMR. In addition, Kathryn will provide assistance to the new Executive Editor during a reasonable transition period. Finally, Kathryn will remain as an independent ESL professional consultant on a fee for service basis to authors requiring a ESL major rework. WAP has other independent contractors for the other journals they publish, and I am grateful to them for agreeing to utilize Kathryn for IFAMR.

In closing, once more, dear Pete and dear Kathryn, thank you for your past service to IFAMA and IFAMR.


Francesco Braga, CEO, IFAMA
University of Guelph, Canada

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