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Become the Solution: Food Security 2050 

Become the Solution: Food Security 2050 is an initiative to engage the collective knowledge and experience of IFAMA members to develop a common appreciation of the food security challenge, and discover strategic solutions. Over three annual conferences - 2015 to 2017 - IFAMA will work with its members to build understanding of these complex issues and engage partners to produce bold, creative and sustainable solutions.
The overarching challenge facing humanity today is how to prepare ourselves to feed the 9 billion people who will inhabit the earth in 2050. Addressing this challenge requires a carefully orchestrated approach to three major issues: 

People: Flow of Talent in the Food and Agribusiness Sector
Climate: Climate-Smart Food and Agribusiness Systems 
Big Data: Better Analytics and Deeper Insight Management 

In coming decades these issues will impact public policies, management, human resource development, technology, international trade, environmental sustainability, resource availability and even domestic and international conflicts. They are intimately interconnected and critical to the food and agribusiness industry’s ability to solve the challenges of food security. Through the annual IFAMA World Conferences in June of 2016 and 2017, as well as targeted programs throughout each year, members will forge alliances and discover new resources and capabilities to successfully address the issues. Become the Solution: Food Security 2050 will be an inclusive initiative, involving academics, industry, and students to ensure the  

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